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Human dream catcher

Lover of disco balls, a bright red lip and more leopard print than is necessary, Kate Taylor isn’t your average coach. She’s a leading life design and empowerment coach, creative business coach & mentor, Master NLP practitioner & clinical hypnotherapist, Qoya teacher, writer, speaker and creator of the Practical Magic Activation Deck — the UK’s first life coach in a box. And more recently, organiser of The Awakening — a festival dedicated to wellness and self care on the Isle of Wight.

Having worked with clients across the globe, Kate’s on a one-woman-mission to help others live life full of creative expression in order to live well, work well, and feel good.

Expect magic, big hugs, fierce loyalty, more than a few F bombs and an impromptu dance break every now and then.

Feeling the vibes and ready to rock?


With razor-sharp white blonde hair, big tattoos, snog me lipstick, glitter nail-polish and full-on goddess curves, Kate’s seven shades of sexy meets a skyscraper of smarts.



How it all came to be

I grew up on the Isle of Wight

where the summers were spent endlessly living on the water and the winters were spent in a haze of your imagination. It was an idyllic life. It was a safe one. One that should have been my lot. But it was too safe. Too secure that I didn’t feel secure within it. There was always something inside of me that wanted more. Like many of us, I didn’t ever want a ‘me too’ life; doing the same job for life, staring at the same four walls, feeling like every day was Groundhog day. Becoming another brick in the wall.


and I needed to be free to create and express my emotions in whatever way that came through me; be that through writing, dancing, singing or the way that I dressed – or by simply doing something because I had to. I would get lost in made up worlds of magic and technicolour through books, music, art and film. I didn’t realise it when I was growing up then but I was being called to live creatively. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to.


and I packed my bags and left the Isle of Wight for the bright lights and big city of London. And I’ve been there and made the fucking t-shirt where it comes to living and working creatively; navigating my way through the worlds of fashion and music through to working my way up the elusive ladder in the heady world of advertising; where the world of business and creativity collided.


and shifts beyond my understanding were going on all around me. I came to a time of a crisis of the soul, of unending questions without answer, of feeling constantly and completely ungrounded. Everything looked ‘perfect’ from the outside, but on the inside, I was completely disconnected from my body, from my senses and from feelings, instead feeling nothing; no joy, no sadness, no fear, no passion. And that’s pretty terrifying.

I re-connected back to me

I wanted to be of service. I knew there was more to this life, so I gave myself permission to be open to receive, to tune in and remove myself from the outcome. After spending time re-finding myself, becoming a life coach and exploring neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, meditation, chakra work, and completing many, many, downward-facing dogs, I discovered Qoya — a movement practice to remember that we are wise, wild and free. This unlocked joy within me once more (thanks to a little Katy Perry) and is where my journey with Practical Magic began. 

Now I travel the world, learning from, and working with, amazing talent who want to live their life on their terms. I get to share my voice through events and speaking to other people who wish to activate their magic… all with a little rock n’ roll spark.

Are you ready to Activate Your Magic?

Find out ways in which we can work together to live a life on your own terms, in your own way, walking to the beat of your own drum (and bass)…



Kate is… JOYFUL – This is one of her superpowers and she makes people instantly feel at ease when they’re with her. KIND – it’s in her bones to be a care-taker of many. STRONG – no pulling the wool over her eyes, she’s as steady as the oak tree outside my window. LOVING – like HUGS hello!!! FIERCE –she takes no prisoners when it’s time to tell the truth, we need women like her in the world.