10 Simple Ways to Live More Creatively

And so a new year begins and adventure awaits. Like big ass, scary, exhilarating, no-holds barred, swash-buckling adventure. Well life is isn’t it? Pah! I hear you saying, as you contemplate the year ahead – OK, so you may be full of promises for change, for brighter times, but adventure…? Yes, adventure. You see, I was sitting on yet another train 6 months ago (I sat on a LOT of trains last year), and something felt out of whack. A lot felt out of whack. Here I was talking about living a life of creating the best life and living by values, but there I was sitting on trains for 4 hours a day, working my backside off and holding up my dream business at the same time. That’s called hustling, and I get it, I really did.

I’ve never been afraid of putting in the hard work, but I also realised that that hard work was part of someone else’s story – that of my parents – where hard work had to be… hard. When I think about them I see them struggling; fighting it out to maintain an existence, working longer, harder, climbing, falling, getting back up, looking ahead to easier times, which didn’t come, as those years of hard work took too much toll on both of them. Neither of them got time to enjoy it. It played them a shitty hand.

There I was, on those trains every day – up at 5:30am, home at 10pm. Only to get up and do it day after day. And it struck me… this repeating pattern. The strain I was putting myself and my body under to live for the next year was going to take its toll. I was re-living my parents story chapter and verse. Tooth and nail.

Thunderbolt. Shit… What the hell had I learnt from my parents death if it wasn’t to live? Yet here I was repeating out their trauma. What the actual fuck? It was time for some serious reflection and action time. So that’s what I did. Starting with looking at those things I hold precious in my life that I wasn’t getting enough of. And guess what? None of it started with earning enough money, being financially secure, or having nice things. No, it started with – am I having enough fun? Am I doing the things in life that I really love? Am I having enough adventures? Hmmm, the answer had to be ‘no’. Now, I have a rich life doing what I love in my work and the people I have in my life, don’t get me wrong, but my burning desire was not for sitting on trains, it is for getting out into this big big world and seeing more, doing more, feeling more, being surrounded by more.

So I made a pact at that time to do just that. I made an agreement with myself to travel more, to free up time to do more of what I love, to have more fun, to collaborate with creative love projects, and to be more present. And that deal with my life made shift happen, and happen quickly. Within a month I was standing in my bedroom leaning in to the crazy thoughts swirling around my head as I pressed confirm on booking for Qoya training at a retreat in Costa Rica. Within the next few days I booked a flight that would take me away on my own for a month in January, and the following week I had given notice on the freelance gig not to be back after the end of the year, and had started to talk to people about running retreats in 2016. Yes, it felt daunting, in fact it felt terrifying, but it felt big, and real and like a big fat, glorious adventure ready to begin. And I had made an agreement to honour my spirit and honour my adventurer… So, here I am I sitting at the airport waiting to board, ready for the adventure to begin.

If you’re looking to make some changes to honour your inner adventurer, to live by your values and work with your creative spirit; then here’s 10 simple ways that can help you uncover a path for discovery:

  • Think about what you really want. If that has to start with what you don’t want then fine, but flip it around to think about what you will get as a result.

  • Know that once you have the why you’re doing what you’re doing then the how will start taking care of itself… Anything is possible.

  • Adventure can mean whatever it means to YOU, so don’t get swayed by what you think  adventure should be – it could be something as simple as trying a new class each month, or taking a new route to work each week.

  • Think about how you want your life to be in full on techniolour mode. Who’s there? Who’s not? What do you have? What do you no longer have? Where are you? Where are you not?

  • Don’t get too attached to the outcome. Even if it’s a loose idea, take some action and let the adventure unfold naturally.

  • Look at those things that could hold you back, and work out what you can start doing about them. If it feels too big, then break it all down into bite-sized chunks.

  • Bite those chunks off one bit at a time.

  • Follow your curiosity. You never know where it can lead to.

  • Never feel guilty for following your passion. EVER.

  • Making it happen are putting your dreams in motion.

Kate Taylor