Practical Magic Monday Motivation Video: The Power of Intention

I feel you. You want to get your week off to a rocking start. You’re not just running a business, or working all the hours goddamit, you’re running your lives, as well as pretty much everyone around you. Or at least, that’s how it feels.

The to-do list is never ending, so it’s no surprise you’re feeling slightly (incredibly) overwhelmed by the amount you need to get done. That’s where the power of intention will help you to create a calm and empowered week ahead.

In this week’s Practical Magic Monday motivation video, we’re not just talking goals, but goals with soul. Intention is goals plus. Bringing intention into the day / week / year / life doesn’t just set the destination, it helps you to feel great on the journey.

You will learn why the power of intention is so important, and my top 4 tips on creating powerful goals with soul, which includes:

🔥 Keeping them positively stated, and how the brain deals with positives vs. negatives.

🔥 Making sure they are powerful and personal.

🔥 Bringing the future into the now by stating intentions as if they have already taken place.

🔥 Harnessing the power of gratitude.

So, if you desire a week full of energy and the tools to guarantee ways to create it happening, here’s how to create powerful intentions to activate what you’re calling in.

I’d love to hear how you get on in the comments on my YouTube channel.