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Connect to your inner knowing and explore easy-to-implement tools & techniques to help you bring pragmatic and powerful change into each and every day



Within the Practical Magic Intuition Power Up Workshop you will learn:

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How to slow down and connect into your intuition

And how to feel more in control of your life as you discern the difference between intuition, instinct and your fear/ego.

You will explore how you can tune in to find out what your intuition is really trying to tell you.

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How to use your super highway of connection to intuition to power up creativity & shift perspective

To find a new way of looking at situations, and create ways to do things in your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life beyond the fear of failure, and sticking two fingers up to perfection.

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How to empower a new dynamic for your life with your intuition as a superpower 

Including how you you can access the answers to life and the universe right inside of you, and fire up your confidence and make empowered decisions instead of second-guessing yourself.

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Learn simple tools & techniques using the blended melting pot of goodness Practical Magic Activation Deck 

Having Practical Magic in your life helps you to bust beyond indecision, procrastination and inaction to create intuitively-guided, pragmatic, practical change that works for you. It's all magic, practically delivered.

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The Practical Magic Intuition Power Up is just what you need if...


  • You're sick of questioning every aspect of your life, and every decision you make, wondering whether it's the right one for you. Just how would it feel to know rather than constantly second-guessing yourself?
  • You would like to end the constant rollercoaster of confusion and overwhelm and replace it with clarity from a place of grounded connection.
  • You know there's something more for your life, and you're woo-curious self wants to learn more about blending the practical and the spiritual, along with head and heart to get a more balanced approach to life

In this experiential workshop you will explore the four pillars of Practical Magic to activate the power of your inner wisdom...

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CALM is your super power. From here you create the space to slow down to connect in and access intuitive wisdom. From here you can make decisions and explore options from place of centre, clarity and presence.

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To access your extraordinary talent. CREATE opens the door to creativity & inspiration so you can see beyond your limitations. With this pillar you will stimulate a deeper response beyond logical thinking to create new perspectives & landscapes using your imagination.

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Fire up your inner powerhouse through EMPOWER. This pillar fans the flames of your life from the inside out, and helps you to build confidence, trust and busts beyond procrastination and negative self-talk.

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Activate your life force and revitalise mind, body & soul to allow your intuition to express itself through your vibrancy. VITALITY acts as an energy activator for your intuition.

Practical Magic is a blending melt pot of goodness...


Combining practical coaching, neuroscience, psychology, somatic movement, wellbeing practices, and ancient wisdom to create a super-highway connection to your intuition, restore balance, access your creativity and deepen your soul connection.

“The Practical Magic deck is my favourite go-to tool to get extra clarity into my life. I’ve been going through a period of transition and sitting down with deck every morning has helped me to ground myself and see life a little more clearly.”


“Every time I pull a card I feel as though I am entering a coaching session. I take my questions with me, find time to sit without interruption and let the ideas that arise guide me along. The accompanying exercises are extremely powerful – from visualisations and meditations, they always point me out of my procrastination in the right direction.”


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Are you ready for some Practical Magic in your life?

Life can be busy, overwhelming and distracting. Life has become confusing and uncertain. Challenges with mental health, burnout, anxiety and stress-related illnesses are at an all-time high.

Amid all the noise, we’ve become disconnected from our own innate wisdom—living in our heads and relying on things outside of ourselves to make all the decisions.

But what if the answer you are searching for are on the inside? What if, by connecting to your internal GPS and your inner knowing, you could trust yourself and be guided to live a more fulfilling life?

That's where Practical Magic and the Intuition Power Up Workshop comes in.

To celebrate the re-launch of the Practical Magic Activation Deck, I'm sharing this powerful workshop with you using the Deck and the power of this high vibe and design-led tool to help you connect to instant and accessible intuitive wisdom for everyday living.

It's something that has been the superpower to my life and business over the last five plus years, and I am opening the box of tricks to help you activate more of your inner wisdom for your life, career, relationships, impact, business... pretty much every area of your life!

So, join me for this one-off workshop and let's get grounded into shaping what comes next, where YOU are the one in control.

See you there

Kate Taylor

Ignite your inner wisdom, fire up your creative energy & deepen your soul connection



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  • Taking place online & delivered live
  • One-off workshop
  • Recording sent out so you can go back over in your own time
  • Lifetime access

“I've been using the deck in my personal practice and incorporating the cards into workshops and with my reiki students; these cards are made of magic!


Each card is an an empowering nod to what our intuition has been trying to tell us and the activation exercises support us to shift any blocks that have been getting in the way so that we can tap into our own magic. It ain't called Practical Magic Activation for nothing!”


“Mixing action and intuition, The Practical Magic Activation Deck brings together all my favourite things about coaching tools in one beautifully designed box of tricks.

This deck is fun and full of wisdom. You really get a sense of working with Kate and sipping a cup of her delicious knowledge.

Each card is a gift, a work of art and a reminder that we all have the power within us to do great things.”


The unexpected benefits of powering up your intuition with Practical Magic...

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Which enables you to be able to tune into the wisdom within the vast filing cabinet of information you have within your subconscious mind - from memories, experiences and the subtle signals your body & subconscious mind give you to live life in alignment with your fullest self.

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You will be able to tap into your physiological resources (the answers are on the inside), as well as collective higher/deeper wisdom to access wisdom beyond the logical mind.

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You will develop how you can speak up for what you want more of for your life, as well as what you don't! This gives you the ability to fulfil your needs, speak your truth and navigate your own way, without being knocked off course by others opinions or judgements.

Find calm, spark creativity, beat self-doubt and re-energise your life with this one-off Intuition Power Up Workshop



Sign up for Intuition Power-up workshop


  • Taking place online & delivered live
  • One-off workshop
  • Recording sent out so you can go back over in your own time
  • Lifetime access

Got questions about the Intuition Power-up Workshop?

For any other questions, reach out to us at [email protected]

Please note that all bookings for the Practical Magic Intuition Power Up Workshop are final, and no refunds can be given if you're not able to join the session live.

A recording will be sent to you, for which you have lifetime access.