Living creatively is simply living a life you want to live and doing it on your own terms. In your own way. It means a life where you are marching to the beat of your own drum (and bass). It’s sticking your middle finger up to a ‘me too’ life and not taking no for an answer. It’s being a rebel in a sea of normality.

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You don’t choose to be creative, you are creative. You don’t have to have been born with a paintbrush or pencil in your hand to live a creative life. You are creative by the very fact that you were born. You don’t create because you want to. You create because you have to. Because it is your right, and your need, because if you didn’t this life would be arid, lifeless, grey. Don’t get me wrong – it would be a life, but not one with all the magic and colour in which your vibrancy shines brightly.



living a technicolour life

You don’t want to live a grey life. You want to paint the world with colour. You want to paint your world with your colour. You want to live your life on your own terms. And this is our right, our right and choice. We all have the choice to live creatively – however we choose that to be, and we can do it in a way that feels good.




We can do this together, we can do this with compassion, belief, accountability, support and a plan. And some magic… practical magic, and that’s where I come in. I’m here to support your experience of change in an open, dynamic, empathetic and nurturing way. This isn’t a dry, corporate way of doing the work; we will colour outside of the lines with imagination, creativity and action. 

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  • Are feeling at a crossroads

  • Living a life of shoulds

  • Feeling stressed out, burnt out, overwhelmed and un-motivated

  • Frustrated with your current situation, and you may not know what to do to change it

  • Fed up with giving all of yourself away to other people

  • Lacking confidence and struggling to break through fear

  • Scared that doing nothing now will impact your future happiness

  • Frozen to the spot with procrastination and indecision

  • Struggling to get a sense of everything around you, and your place in the world

  • Frustrated with your current situation(s)

  • Feeling trapped at not being able to make decisions which feel right for you

  • Confused by well-meaning advice from everyone around you, but it still doesn’t feel quite ‘you’


  • Be more present in your life

  • Feel more vibrant and in control

  • Break up with your bad habits

  • Get out of that stuck place and into flow

  • Release yourself from overwhelming fear and negative behaviour.

  • Rediscover your groove, mojo and spark

  • Remove blockages and limiting belief patterns

  • Calling time on fear being in the driving seat

  • Live a life of your choosing and on your own terms

  • Act with confidence, because you feel more confident

  • Become more aligned to your sense of purpose

  • Live a life full of colour and passion

  • Tap into your why and connect to your power

  • Say ‘yes’ to feeling your way through life rather than watching it from the sidelines



“Looking back on our sessions, the only word that comes close to describing the experience is transformational. Kate, you’re a superstar and I’m so excited to continue working together.”