Transformation doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process. Practical Magic Breakthrough Sessions are powerful change behaviour programmes, where we use hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic progamming (NLP) to zero in with precision on just what’s holding you back.


Like shining a torch into the most hidden of spaces we get to highlight those things that don’t serve, or where there’s a spark of something that’s looking to ignite, and stoke the fires of your ambitions. Creative mindfulness, visualisation and meditation will evoke your senses through your imagination to create everything you desire from the inside out.



clear the clutter

Within just a few sessions we can clear away the clutter that’s stopping you doing the things you really want, and in it’s place you will have clarity, focus, guidance, empowerment and motivation. It’s like you’ve finally got your own back, and the path is clear to get to where you wish to.



break through your limitations

Kick it with confidence, fire up your inner wisdom, change things up with more self esteem.

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I started this journey with a willing and open mind and the results achieved with Kate have been amazing.

She has a wonderful ability to connect and her level of understanding with what my issue was about and how to correct it blew my mind.