Community Over Competition with Lola Hoad


On this week’s show I speak with creative coach, writer, podcaster, and the founder of One Girl Band, Lola Hoad. We have a great conversation about community over competition - how our businesses and creativity do better when other people are involved. You can also look forward to great tips for practicing self-care, taking care of your mental health, and setting better boundaries.

On the show we explore:

  • Lola’a entrepreneurial journey and how a passion project turned into her coworking space One Girl Band

  • Having a vision and allowing it to unfold rather than making a five-year plan

  • Taking care of your mental health

  • Alignment over hustle

  • Getting real about self-care

  • The healing power of naps

  • Deciding what to share on social media

  • The importance of community and the fact that we work better together rather than apart

  • How to get started in creating a community

  • Getting past other people’s fears about your dreams

  • The fact that there’s no such thing as wrong decisions

  • How to manage feeling triggered by social media

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