Get into Your Own Groove - Breaking Out of the 9-5 Mentality

I'm flying solo this week to talk about learning about our own rhythms and flows. 

We live in a really odd world where outdated models of the '9-5', working longer hours, being in push, and working like machines and looking outside of ourselves for validation has been celebrated... until now. But, we're not machines, we're human beings made up of bio-electricity, and like nature around us, we can't be forced or contained to work in a certain way. It just doesn't work.

So, what would life be like if we are tuned into our own natural rhythms and cycles, you know, like nature? What could we learn about ourselves which helps us live in a much more aligned way?

On the show this week I'm talking about the natural rhythms and flows that go on around us, and within us all the time - seasonal, menstrual, lunar, circadium and ultradian, and many more besides. And how when we're tuned in, we have better mind, physical, emotional and spiritual health, as well as being much more creative and productive. 

podcastKate Taylor