Getting in Flow with our Cycles with Claire Baker


As women, each of us is affected by our energy month in and out dependant on our menstrual cycle, and this week I'm talking with women's coach Claire Baker on how we can get in flow with our cycles to be more in tune with all aspects of our lives. 

Your monthly, Aunt Flow, the curse, your bleed. Period. Whatever you call your menstrual cycle, fact is it holds such infinite wisdom and power. And yet, it’s still such a taboo topic.  I’m so honoured to have womens coach Claire Baker On this week’s #practicalmagicpodcast to help bust some myths around our cycles, and how we can actually work much more in align with our flow to live a more creative and empowered life. 

Believe me when I say, you don’t want to miss this one. Claire shares the seasons of our cycles and what we have to understand about our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs in each phase.

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