Getting out of our heads... to live an embodied life

“Allow your body to be a speaker through which all of your experiences are lived through your senses.”

- Kate Taylor


This week I share the story of how Practical Magic came to be, and why following the breadcrumbs of our narratives can prove so useful, and how living an embodied life can help you navigate any path through this crazy thing called life.


  • The enlightenment of the journey of life, not the destination

  • Being a social commenter to your life through all of your senses

  • Ways in which we numb out to suppress our experiences and emotions

  • Why disconnection from our bodies is disconnection from our lives

  • Why feeling is living

  • Noticing where your energy blocks are in your body and your life

  • How Qoya changed my life through dropping out of my head and into my body

  • How there is no right or wrong, there just is


Find out more about the Practical Magic Activation Deck, a coaching toolkit to help us unlock our own wisdom

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