Going Beyond Our Limitations

I'm flying solo this week with one hell of a pep talk for you, because it's time to move beyond those limitations and fears which may be holding you back.

I'm pulling out the big guns to find out why we can do extraordinary things and pull through feats of adversity, and yet when it comes to living a life on our own terms, we so often hold ourselves back.

On the show I share with you:

  • Where our old narratives, the stories we tell ourselves, and beliefs systems may have come from -- and how change the dial on these

  • How the language we use in our narrative and self talk is holding us back, and how to change it

  • The difference between expansive vs. contractive energy

  • How to re-define self-imposed boundaries and re-frame negative programmming

  • The power of positive intention and powerful language to create the conditions for going beyond our self-imposed limitations

  • How to utilise the power of the subconscious and the brain / body connection to add rocket-fuel to our ambitions.

podcastKate Taylor