How to Balance Your Energy with Wolf Sister

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In this frenetic world where our to-do lists are off the page, and there's constant distractions vying for our attention; it's not surprising we feel overwhelmed. With stress, anxiety and depression in the increase maybe it's time to get back to basics to help us all to get a little more balanced, and basically learn how to chill the f out.


On this week's show, I'm in conversation with the one and only Tamara Driessen AKA Wolf Sister, who's here to help us bring the ancient technologies of crystals, tarot, reiki and Shamanism (earth magic) into the everyday.


We talk:

  • Dispelling some of the myths around 'woo woo' practices, and how they're simply metaphors for what's going on for us

  • How to balance and understand your energy, and how it's linked into everything around you

  • Good energy hygiene for self care; including how to set good boundaries

  • How to harness the power of crystals and energy archetypes to live a more balanced life

  • And how to chill the f out when it comes to self care, and why you don't have to throw the proverbial book at it to get what you need.


You can find out more about Wolf Sister and her new book here:


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