Intuitive Living / Connected Body with Pandora from Rooted London


On this week's show, I'm in conversation with Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach Pandora Paloma from Rooted London on the importance of connecting into the body for emotional and physical health, as well as intuitive life guidance.

In our conversation we talk about:

  • How the way we consume is linked to our connection to self, and emotional wellbeing

  • The connection between the way we live and the way we eat

  • Listening to your body and feeding your soul

  • Difference between intuition and instinct

  • Unpicking diet mentalities and old stories around food

  • The importance of connecting in with the body to access wisdom around nutrition and intuition

  • How listening to the body can mean truly listening into our lives and what we really need

  • The difference between intuition and mind-chatter, as well as the difference between instinct and intuition

podcast, GuestKate Taylor