On Emotional Diversity

“As you get older, you want less from the world; you just want to experience it. Any barriers to feeling emotions get dismantled. And ordinary things become beautifully poetic.”

Richard Linklater

All too often we can get caught in the ‘happiness trap’, a place which can feel somewhat elusive, yet when we do have it for a fleeting time, we’re so terrified it’s going to disappear all too quickly it does. In this week’s show I’m talking about the benefits of gaining awareness of emotional intelligence, and how being aware of all our feelings can help us lead a more diverse and balanced life.

On the show I talk about:

  • How the pursuit of happiness can lead to destructive behaviours

  • Emotions are simply emotions, and never ‘good’ or ‘bad

  • The research into the 16 positive emotions we have on a daily basis and why they may be beneficial to our health

  • The wholeness of emotional diversity to embrace the opposites of emotions

  • The power of awareness and witness to emotion to allow us to be more present

The 16 positive emotions on health:

  1. Active

  2. Alert

  3. Amused

  4. At ease

  5. Attentive

  6. Calm

  7. Cheerful

  8. Determined

  9. Enthusiastic

  10. Excited

  11. Happy

  12. Inspired

  13. Interested

  14. Proud

  15. Relaxed

  16. Strong

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