On the Power of Storytelling

“I grew up in a place where everybody was a storyteller, but nobody wrote. It was that kind of Celtic, storytelling tradition: everybody would have a story at the pub or at parties, even at the clubs and raves.”

Irvine Welsh

On last week’s Practical Magic podcast, I interviewed author and storyteller Laura Jane Williams, we discussed why storytelling is something we do as human beings with human feelings, so on this week’s show I am diving into the subject in more detail, and share a story which has shaped and defined me as a person doing what I do in the world.

On the show I explore:

  • The stories that connect the dots and narratives of our creative lives and businesses.

  • How storytelling is a way of communicating ideas and beliefs.

  • Finding our ‘why’ and why this is so much more important than what we do, or how we do it.

  • The ability that stories have to connect to others through ‘brain to brain coupling’

  • Why stories are just ‘data with a soul’.

  • Why we need your voice, and ways to share your story.


Adult language warning, there are few colourful words peppered throughout the interview.

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