Social Media for a New Age with Katie Brockhurst

This week I'm joined in conversation by guest Katie Brockhurst, author and social media expert. She's been using social media in her work since she saw the power of channels such as MySpace to disrupt conventional marketing rules to engage with people on a more personal level, and how channels such as Facebook and Instagram have become a source for us to communicate who we are, and how we connect.

On the show we talk through some of the subjects in Katie's new book 'Social Media for a New Age', and just what it means to create and communicate in ways which are personal, subjective and unique, not matter what size your audience.

So, whether you're running a creative business, and you want to learn more about how to use social media effectively, whether you're interested in the deeper conversations about our relationship with social media and the impacts on sense of self, or you're looking for ways to become more authentically visible -- there's something in this show for everyone.

Find out more about Katie:

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