Choosing Not to Be Busy with Chloe Brotheridge


On this week’s show, I'm joined by clinical hypnotherapist and author of The Anxiety Solution Chloe Brotheridge. 

I met Chloe a couple of years back on Obonjan, and I was immediately taken by her calm, serene manner. She's an incredible teacher and healer, but her story of her journey with her work hasn't been an easy one for Chloe, and so she's here to share more, and her knowledge on the show.

On the show we explore:

  • How anxiety doesn't define who we are

  • How anxiety is a normal emotion, and that the health in our mental health needs to be cared for like any other part of our health

  • What the physical symptoms of anxiety are

  • Why wearing 'busy-ness' as a badge of honour is having a detrimental effect on our emotional and physical health

  • And Chloe shares some tools from her Anxiety Tool Kit, including meditation and mindfulness as essential tools when dealing with anxiety, and why shaking is so good for you when you're in a highly anxious state.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

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