Better Sleep to Beat Burnout Ep. 1: The Power, Potential & Phenomenon of Sleep

Better Sleep to Beat Burnout Podcast: The Power, Potential & Possibilities of Sleep with Matt Taylor & Kate Taylor

Lift up your headphones for a moment, I’ve got some exciting Practical Magic Podcast news, whilst taking a slight summer hiatus, I am excited to announce the launch of a summer mini series with collaborator and Karmic Alchemist Matt Taylor as we bring together the Practical Magic Podcast with Matt’s Soul Pod Party to bring you ‘Better Sleep to Beat Burnout’.

In this first of the three series sessions we are bringing you a soulful conversation on the Power, Purpose & Phenomenon of sleep. In the episode I bring the practical purpose and power of sleep, and Matt bring the soul’s purpose of sleep and how both the practical and the soul connect together through rest and restoration of the body to allow the soul and mind to refresh and come online.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How burnout affects sleep, and why sleep is the biggest factor in affecting burnout

  • The different stages of sleep and the sleep cycles and what’s going on physically in our bodies, and the soul

  • The power of breath and how this positively impacts the body, sleep and the soul

  • How what we do in the day affects our sleep, and how the day is actually the set up for your sleep, not better sleep to affect your day

  • Practical and spiritual tools to help you aid your sleep.

Matt & I are so excited to be sharing this wonderful mini series with you. We hope you enjoy listening in and learning ways for your body, mind and soul to get better sleep, and how this helps beat burnout.

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