Better Sleep to Beat Burnout Ep. 3: Harnessing the Power of Sleep & Dreams to Live Creatively

Better Sleep to Beat Burnout Podcast: The Power, Potential & Possibilities of Sleep with Matt Taylor & Kate Taylor

Karmic Alchemist Matt Taylor and I come together for the third and final episode the third of our mini series 'Better Sleep to Beat Burnout' - our three part series of podcasts based our the power of sleep and dreams with practical application and consciousness raising to live a creative life. Today on the show we are talking about harnessing the power of sleep & dreams to live creatively, and how we can bring what we learn in sleep into our awakened lives.

In the episode we focus on how we can move away from a negative, autopilot robotic and reactive states to awaken your creative power. We also reveal how to leverage sleep to overcome past life issues, connect to the power of waking up to gain messages and implement practical, simple tools to transform your life to a mastered state.

This series provides instantly effective tips, tools and technologies to immediately improve, deepen and maximise your sleep power in order to quickly rejuvenate, refresh and revitalise so that you can avoid or heal stressful, anxious burnout. This is now the number one issue affecting the workplace leading to severe impacts on our lives.

Join us for fun, lively and fascinating insights into the world of sleep and dreams.

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