Half the Pressure, Twice the Flow

The original Blackwing Pencil has penned some of the most iconic and famous poems, songs, movies and books of our time, and it's slogan 'half the pressure, twice the speed', has turned into an interesting philosophy of how it would be to live life with 'half the pressure, twice the flow.'

In a world of side-gigs, hustle, multi-hyphenate careers and living our best lives, where are we putting too much pressure on ourselves? In this week's Practical Magic Podcast I'm exploring how we can reduce the pressure in order to allow creativity, flow and intuition to do their magic.

I will be sharing more about this as part of my Activate Your Magic Workshop at The Awakening, a festival of wellbeing and self care, taking place on the Isle of Wight 8 & 9 June 2019.

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