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On the show today, I'm in conversation with Maxine Laceby, founder & CEO of Absolute Collagen, a collagen supplement she formulated in her kitchen at 50. Maxine says, ‘coming back to the work place at 50 having not as much as written a cheque for 15yrs was both terrifying and exhilarating and after officially launching Absolute Collagen in the UK in May 2017 she is on track for a 3 million turnover this year.

Maxine’ s motto ‘own who you are’ was the beginning of her personal journey to self and the creation and ownership of her ‘own skin’ something she wears with pride every single day.

Maxine and I are in conversation as we flow through a range of subjects including:

  • How the bloody hell you start a successful business from your kitchen table

  • The importance of Maxine's key values of Safe, Important & Respected as a parent, a business owner and for her sense of being

  • Learning to love the skin you're in

  • Why letting go with love is the ultimate act of bravery

  • And Maxine's mission to empower women in life and business.

Maxine will be joining The Awakening to give a Self Care Sessions talk on owning your own skin, and providing samples of Absolute Collagen throughout the Saturday too.

Find out more about Maxine & Absolute Collagen:

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