There's No Such Thing As Failure, Only Feedback

We're a sum of our experiences, aren't we? Or are we? How often do you find yourself stuck in fear or procrastination because you think it's all going to go epic-scale disaster movie based on one thing that might have not worked out in the way you thought it was way back when? Or you have the voice of other people in your mind on repeat telling you all the reasons why X = Y, and that never ends well?

Well, one thing I've learnt as an NLP practitioner, and liver of life, is that shit goes down, but it's never quite as monumental as we think it is. And what, just what would happen if we could use a simple pre-supposition which could change the emotional and mental chatter that tells us we're crap, and everything we touch turns to shit?

On the show I'm sharing one of the simplest NLP techniques... ever, which when you adopt it into your every day, can change the way you perceive the idea of failing.

I'm also sharing launch news of The Awakening, a new festival of self care and wellness taking place on Isle of Wight on 8&9 June 2019.

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