Connecting to Past Lives with David Wells

David Wells Kate Taylor The Practical Magic Podcast

I have the most enormous pleasure in sharing the recent chat I had with author, medium and astrologer David Wells here on the Practical Magic Podcast.

On the show today David joins me in conversation as we explore the brilliance of David's work, and how connecting to past lives helps us to make sense and make peace with what challenges we're facing in every day life.

We also explore

  • Just what soul is

  • How to listen into your soul talking

  • The depths of sacred past lives and how David has connected to new archangel archetypes

  • David's self care tips for mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Find out more about David and his work:

David's website



David's books on Amazon

David's musical choice for the Practical Magic Podcast

Rhythm of Life Sammy Davies Junior on YouTube


Find out more about David's workshop at The Awakening on Saturday 8th June

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