Defining Your Own Career Path with Selina Barker

Selina Barker Defining Your Own Career Path Practical Magic Podcast with Kate Taylor

This new episode starts the first in a series of Reset & Refocus shows on the Practical Magic Podcast to bring in September's new term vibe, and I have the pleasure of sharing the words and wisdom of the lovely Selina Barker, Career Change Coach, and one half of the fabulous Project Love.

Selina's on the show with me this week and we are in conversation about career change. Throughout the show Selina shares her motivation and wisdom with us.

On the show we chat about:

  • Selina's story and how she redefined the 'factory settings' of her career early on.

  • How following your passions and what you enjoy doing can define your career.

  • How to follow and use your intuition rather than the path of 'should's and other people's expectations or obligations, to do what you really want to do.

  • The metamorphosis of our selves, and how this shapes our career path and career changes.

  • How career change doesn't have to be one big leap, it can be a series of explorations and projects in experimentation.

  • How to create a safe space for you to 'fail' as you're making new changes, or rather, how failure is not a real thing.

  • Why self care is fundamentally first when it comes to kicking a career change into action.


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