Living a Life on Your Own Terms AKA You Do You

"If you don't turn your life into a story, you just becomes someone else's story"

- Terry Pratchett

How often do you feel that you're living your life with the volume turned down to that annoying volume where you can hear it, but not loud enough to make out what's going on? Or like you're watching your favourite film with a filter over the screen so you can just make out the moving parts, not the detail?

This is what it can feel like when we're living a life outside of our own, or we're living in a way that we feel we 'should' be, rather than living in, and on our own way. 

If you long to a life where you're dancing to the beat of your own drum, and doing that in high-vibe disco ball technicolour shine, then today's show is for you.

On today's Practical Magic Podcast I'm talking about why it's important for us to do it in our own way, and sharing 10 ways in which you can become a soulful rebel in a sea of normality.



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