The Life Changer: 6 Session Life Coaching Programme

The Life Changer is a programme made up of 6 super-focussed life coaching sessions. We work together to design and create the live you really want to live. 

With continuous movement we make real changes so that you get it. We work to your agenda, and we work hard, so be ready to come out fighting at the end of each session.

This life-changing course of life coaching sessions are for you if:

  • You've heard about life coaching and would like a taster of what it's all about.

  • You’re feeling really fed up with where you are right now and you want to make some important changes.

  • You are stuck in a rut, feeling lost, and without direction.

  • Things can't go on like they are.

  • Life feels like it’s on slow motion, and your drifting with it

  • You want to live your best and most authentic life.

  • You need some confidence to make the changes you want.

  • Sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nicer to get what you wanted, rather than worrying about everyone else first.

What you will get as a result of the sessions:

  • The much-needed opportunity to work on your agenda – without exception or compromise.

  • A bespoke Best Life Design: your blueprint for the life you truly desire.

  • Clarity around what’s going on for you right now.

  • Laser-focus insight on where you’re headed.

  • Donning of that much-needed oxygen mask.

  • Sustained motivation throughout the process and beyond.

  • Empowered positive change.

  • A plan for your life which aligns to who you are – your values and beliefs.

  • Better ways to connect to your sense of self-worth.

  • Ways to have better relationships with those around you.

  • Your goals broken down into bite-sized manageable chunks.

  • Accountability as you work towards your goals.

  • A cheerleader, champion and challenger each step of the way.

What we will cover in the Life Changer life coaching programme:

  • An investigation into the key priorities areas in your life; what are your biggest challenges, and where you would like to see most reward.

  • A deep-dive into your values and beliefs; what makes you tick, what's really important in your life, and what you would like to leave behind.

  • Working out what’s not serving you and what you want to preserve.

  • The Best Life Design: your blueprint for the life you truly desire.

  • Creating simple actions steps to get you on the way towards your Best Life.

  • Understand, and work through, the obstacles and barriers to see how you’re going to bust through them.

  • Check in on motivation levels each step of the way.

  • Work on your inner bully / saboteur. What it is trying to tell you, and how we can turn it on its head instead.

  • Bust through any emotional blockages which may be holding you back.

  • Accountability, support and guidance all the way.

  • Action steps agreed at each sessions.

  • Celebrate as you make progress.


The investment to change your world is £1,500.00. Payment plans are available. 

What’s the difference between a one-off session and a programme?:

We all work in different ways, some of us want to drop in and out and work off our own back, some of us might need to make more steady and progressive changes. With the Life Changer I work alongside your one-to-one at a regular pace as you’re moving forward.

Does this sound like what you’ve been looking for? 

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