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Activate Your Magic wherever you are in the world, and all from the comfort of your own home, your place of work, or on the move. Each month we’ll work together through a diverse range of Practical Magic topics to empower with soulful action by tuning in, dropping in, getting clear, and taking guided steps on what you really want for your life. It’s you — in full unapologetic shine.


SESSION THREE: Putting an end to procrastination

What: A two hour online workshop to get into your groove and put an end to the kind of procrastination that isn’t serving you

Where: Online and from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are. You will be able to access the workshop via a weblink.

When: Wednesday 27 March, 7-9pm GMT.*

Cost:  Earlybird price of £25 per workshop (will go up to £50 closer to start date).

*Don’t worry if you can’t join live, you will be able to get a recording of the workshop to work through in your own time.



Book your place on the classroom and you’ll be sent a link to join live. You’ll have the chance to interact with other guests, and ask questions in the classroom.


Don’t worry if you can’t join live, book a place and you’ll be sent a recording of the session to enjoy in your own time, and whenever you like.


We all procrastinate, and sometimes it works for us, and sometimes it doesn’t. Procrastination can be a pain in the arse, but it can also be a good indication that we’re onto something big, something important. But too much procrastination can be uncomfortable, it can zap motivation and energy levels, and it can lead to a lot of flagellation.

There’s a million reasons why we procrastinate but thankfully, there’s also some brilliantly simple ways to help alleviate procrastination and help activate your magic too… with a little Practical Magic.

In this two hour interactive live online Practical Magic coaching workshop, we’re going to find out what might be the root cause of your procrastinations and help you connect to ways to help you kick your unhelpful procrastination habits to the curb, and get into your groove.

I'll be sharing all the Practical Magic tools I use with my one-to-one clients and guiding you through how to use them, in real time, so you have exercises, rituals and guidance you can come back to again and again.

Let’s get to it.

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WHAT WE WILL COVER IN the putting an end to procrastination SESSION:

We will come into the space with a nurturing grounding meditation, and set an intention for this online classroom with a Practical Magic card.

  • What’s really going on: We’ll uncover the reason(s) your might be procrastinating

  • How you procrastinate: We’ll get real with your procrastination habits

  • When procrastination works for you: It does have some purpose, let’s work out when procrastination is a good thing

  • Ditch the distractions: Clearing the clutter and creating the best conditions to help you

  • Find your motivators: Connect to your why, and work with what motivates and empower you to get things done

  • Working to your timelines: Working out if you’re an in-time or through-time, and how to harness how you work best

  • Breaking it down: How to tackle the big things in more manageable ways

  • Harnessing the power of NOW: There’s no time like it

  • The importance of celebrating: Celebrating is for life—not just birthdays and Christmas

  • Pomodoro is not a tomato: Managing your time and your energy

  • Fuck Perfection: Getting your perfectionist tendencies out of the way so you can get shit done.


How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
– Anne Frank


My intention is to share my Practical Magic practices with you. Everything you will experience in the online workshop is what I carry out with my one-to-one life coaching and live workshop clients. As a result of the session, you can expect to enjoy:

  • Kick-ass motivation and an excitement about getting things done

  • Awareness of why you might procrastinate, and how to do something with that knowledge

  • The benefit of having tools and routines you can start bringing into your everyday life

  • Tools and techniques to help you stop procrastinating, start taking action and celebrating along the way

  • Motivation rituals and exercises to increase your vitality and energy

  • A celebration of your wholeness, learning from all parts of yourself to be in true alignment

  • Take-away tools to use each and every day

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You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
 – Maya Angelou

good to know about the ACTIVATE YOUR magic online classrooms:

Do I have to follow the sessions in sequence each month? 

The Activate Your Magic online classrooms can be enjoyed as and when you find a topic or a theme that you resonate with. You can jump in at any time throughout the year to take part in one of the monthly online sessions

What happens when I book?

Once you’ve booked, your ticket gives you access to the live session, and you will be sent the link to replay whenever you like.

The day before the online workshop you will receive a reminder email with the online classroom login details. You will also received any materials or downloadable exercises we will be using as part of the session.

An hour before the start time you will a weblink to join the online video conference.

Following the live workshop you will receive a follow up email with a link to a replay and access to the private Facebook Group.

What happens if I can’t join AN ONLINE CLASSROOM live?

You can watch the video any any time with the weblink.

Can anyone take part in the online workshops?

Activate Your Magic online classrooms are a safe space and inclusive for anyone to take part. The intention is that we will operate in a safe, supportive, open and non-judgemental space.

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I rarely came across such a rich workshop, with time for grounding and meditation, introspection and so many practical recommendations. Not only it was an intense class, but I am taking back topics to reflect on and work with, plus a handful of tools to nurture and protect myself.

The passion you put in your work is so vibrant that I felt like sitting in front of you, at a live gathering.