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Unlock confidence & connect to your calling through 10 powerful - yet simple - steps to thrive in a life filled with motivation & passion.



How different would things be if you just knew deep in your bones you are living in alignment with what you are here to do?


Would you stop second-guessing every move or decision?


Would you be rocking it out with your socks out?


Do you have that feeling that if you knew what you wanted you'd be dangerous?


If only you could snap your fingers and everything could fall into place, but it's not that easy is it?


Yet another year passes and you find yourself...


► Feeling all at sea, lost and without a compass, a rudder or the wind in your sails

► In a proverbial mind maze chasing this and that worrying if you'll ever find the right path

► Wondering if you're ever going to find your 'thing', or even if you have a 'thing. I mean surely you must have a think, right, right, RIGHT?


There's no denying that the last couple of years have been an added pressure on your time, motivation, attention and energy levels, but truth is you were on the constant questioning treadmill about where you life was heading even before the doors closed.



What if you were finally sure you are becoming who you are here to be?


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Rather than hitting the snooze button you're flinging back the sheets back each morning full of energy & motivation for the day ahead.


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You no longer doubt yourself and you're so sure about what you're doing, and why you're doing it, that nothing can hold you back...NOTHING!


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The world of opportunity opens up to you, rather than fear and doubt slamming the doors shut in your face.


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You wonder if you’ll you ever stop doubting yourself, or whether you'll ever find the confidence & courage to do something that has true value to you, and the world?


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You're unclear of the path ahead of you.

Life seems to be happening to you, rather than you at the front leading the charge.


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You feel like the caterpillar caught in a chrysalis

You know you’ve changed over the years, and your priorities and obligations have shifted too.


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You're stuck at a crossroads

Without a map to show you the direction of travel that'll lift you up out of the endless rut you're caught up in.



You know there’s more for you, and you want to rinse the most out of this precious life of yours, but time feels like it’s slipping away.


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The endless mind soup & thoughts playing bumper cars around your brain.


Chasing endless avenues and questioning ever-y-thing.


Being all things to all people because you can't seem to find that thing that's meant for you.


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10 years ago I knew I was meant for more.

I could feel that there was something meant for me, something that mattered, something where I could make a contribution to the world, but I struggled to see beyond all the things I ‘should’ be doing. 

I had the successful career and all the things I thought you were supposed to have in the stage of life I was in.

But there was a LOT that didn’t seem to fit with the skin that I was in.

Something fundamental was missing. 

I felt trapped, unfulfilled and terrified that I would wake up 30 years from now feeling that I had wasted my time in a life that didn’t seem to fit me.

I had so many big questions, yet no amount of white wine was helping me get to the answers!

I did something that not many people were doing at the time-I worked with a coach to get clarity on what was meant for me, and tuned into what was rumbling under the surface.


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And it couldn’t be more true.


Because I created not just a history, but a legacy for my life. I met my calling to become a coach myself.

And in the voyage of discovery that started with exploring what my purpose might be, it has been revealed and activated in more BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL ways than I could possibly ever have imagined.

👉 Created a successful multiple six figure business

👉 Travelled sharing my craft in beautiful locations

👉  Hosted sell-out retreats and created a wellbeing festival 

👉  Crowdfunded and launched the Practical Magic Activation Deck - a life coach in a box

👉 Developed a coaching training programme to teach others to become Practical Magic coaches

👉  More  freedom, autonomy, creativity and energy than I ever thought possible

And that’s just the beginning…

Most importantly I trust. I trust every step of the path, because I am connected to my vision, mission and calling to make the world a better place in the way that is meant for me.


Because when purpose & passion meet to align with calling something powerful happens...


 Life makes sense.

And that’s what I am holding space for you to discover too.


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A 10 step online journey to activate your purpose so you can free yourself from the masks you've been wearing to reveal your truth.


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It’s time to reveal your truth... 

It's time to explore the essence of you...

Yes, you curious soul seeker...


It's time to awaken your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life... from the inside out.


You know you are here for more,  you know you’re on this planet to make a positive difference, and it’s time to become who you are here to be.


And how?


By remembering who you are, connecting to the power of purpose within you & living fiercely.


Activating Purpose is an online journey that takes you on a dive into self-discovery through reflection & activation exercises to help you journey back to yourself.


You will explore the deepest connection to yourself through 10 simple - yet powerful - steps to guide you on a golden breadcrumb trail to unlock your life.


Within each of the 10 steps you will explore easy-to-digest video lessons, audios and worksheets that take you spark enlightenment, provide clarity & inspire action.


Follow the breadcrumb trails back to your true self


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10 steps to activating purpose


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  • Understand what's really important to you.
  • Uncover your core values & inner drivers
  • Locate where your North Star is pointing.


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  • Become clear on what you're tolerating
  • Work out your boundaries and why they matter to activating purpose
  • Understand where your strengths are so you can play to them (and leave the rest behind!)


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  • Embark on a treasure hunt of forgotten delight
  • Connect to your earliest memories & gifts
  • Explore adventure, play unadulterated pleasure


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  • Discover where you can lose hours in creativity
  • Find your 'flow' state to connect to deeper part of your creative essence
  • Curate an expansive relationship with time to spend time on things that matter.


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  • Move beyond self-imposed judgement to feel free to express your full self
  • Connect to what makes you unique & unconventional
  • Celebrate to your weird, wild & wonderful side


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  • Explore your personal contribution and difference you are making to the world
  • Discover your role in making your world) a better place
  • Connect to the skills & attributes you have in abundance to make that happen


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  • Spark the passion that fuels purpose
  • Connect to what lights the fire in your belly
  • Uncover your secret desires.


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  • Discover your freedom drivers
  • Uncover what stirs your soul when it comes to work & working
  • Explore key pivotal decisions in your work-life and what you've learned from your journey so far.


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  • Getting behind the energy where you've triumphed over adversity
  • Explore your proudest moments and why they are important to you
  • Connect to accomplishment & achievement & how they fuel you.


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  • Follow focus for what really counts in a BIG, BOLD BEAUTIFUL Life
  • Understand just what’s important to you for your one precious life

  • Evaluate your priorities for what you feel is still to dream & achieve


Activate a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life that has true meaning and value to you and the world



Come back to the full you...


"Kate's superpower is zooming out of any situation you're in to offer you a holistic, compassionate and deeply honest perspective.

She's not about pushing business on aimlessly for the sake of rapid, un-rooted growth: she fully feels where you're at and guides you closer to a life that is in total alignment."



"You know when you feel like you have been walking through life and everything has been a bit misty, you have had some great times with some great people but you realise you haven't quite felt the heat of the sun for a while, everything was in a bit of a haze. Kate you have been my mahoosive ray of sunshine, I have felt your warmth and it has warmed through to my bones and my soul. You have brought me out of the haze, I haven't felt this shiny for a long while."



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How you will learn 


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Video lessons

No fluff, guided learning to get straight to the heart of the content & help you reflect on what you are connecting to in each step of the course. With transcripts & audios to help you learn on the go


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Reflection Guides & Worksheets

A bespoke coaching guide for each step you to activate conscious connections that create purpose-drive action.


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Purpose Power Audio Sessions

In-your-ears subconscious  purpose activation sessions to accompany each step for deeper connection & energetic transformation.


Plus a special bonus workshop


You will receive a bonus session with myself & Matt Taylor, Karmic Astrologer & Alchemist where we explore practical & spiritual tools to help you reveal purpose.


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Total value of the course is £1,100



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Buy the Activating Purpose course at this special rate


Pay with one payment, or split payments across 6 months















Hey there, I'm Kate Taylor


I’m a life design and empowerment coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Qoya teacher and creator of Practical Magic Activation Deck - the UK's first life coach in a box.

I’m also known as the human dream catcher and lover of disco balls, and I'm on a mission to light up 100,000 hearts so you can create impact and transformation which has ripple effects all over the world.
I'm beyond honoured to be sharing the powerful work within these super-charged energy you can sessions for you to activate your true power so you can LIGHT UP what you so beautifully deserve in 2022 and beyond.
You are going to create some BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL magic in your life, and I am here for it, cheering you on each step of the way
Let's do this thing ⚡️

Kate Taylor


Fire up passion through activating purpose


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Because now is the time, darling one.


There really is no other time like it.


If the last two years have shown you anything it’s that nothing is certain, and things can change in the blink of an eye.


In times of great uncertainty it’s all too easy to feel like your life is not in your own hands.


Feelings of confusion, overwhelm and wondering if this is all there is will only grow.


You will tell yourself that it’s you.

You will worry there’s something wrong with you.

You will beat yourself up for not being OK with what you have, even if it feels like you’re in a skin that now longer fits.


You will try and paper the cracks.

Try to carry on.

You will make yourself busy.


But there’s something you can never paper over, you can’t cover it up, or busy your time away.


And that’s the essence of you.


It's always been there, and now it's time to connect to your fullest self & become who you are here to be through...



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Peeling away the layers...


"Kate doesn't just help you find your next goal, or get you back on track, she really does guide you to the deepest truest parts of who you are and what you're here to do. 

She's the DJ at the best glitter ball disco whose dance floor is on fire. Come and boogie and find your own groove whilst you are cheered on."



Kate is so encouraging and loving. She  helped me start to peel away the layers and really focus on where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing to live my BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life and gave me the accountability to get there. She focused not only on my business, but my whole life and how I could create a life truly worth living!"



Get the course with my birthday offer 🎉


Total value of the course is £1,100


Pay with one payment, or split payments across 10 months















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Explore new worlds of possibility through activating purpose