The soul-seeker's guide to creating an empowered purpose-driven life
It’s time to step out of the grey and into full disco-ball shine.
It’s time to connect to and explore your most authentic self.
It’s time to start living your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life.
The Practical Magic Activation Deck. A life coach in a box created by life design and empowerment coach and author, Kate Taylor
The ultimate empowerment guide

BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL takes curious soul-seekers on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery, empowering you to design and create a life you can thrive within.

Using a unique mix of psychological tools and spiritual practices, life and empowerment coach Kate Taylor brings you an easy-to-implement seven-step process that creates powerful and pragmatic change. 

This high-vibe, design-led, life-coaching toolkit invites you to step out of the grey and into a life bursting with technicolour.

Break out of the ordinary ...
And embrace the brilliant of your  BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life.


Blending straight-talking strategy with a dash of spiritual sauce, Kate helps you embrace a melting pot of modalities – combining SMART targets with pendulums, productivity hacks with ancient rituals, neuro-linguistic programming with the power of crystals and much more.

Create your vision 

for the life you desire

Design soul goals


Discover practical and energetic tools

to bring your vision into reality

Calling all curious soul seekers 


Life activation for the 'woo-curious'.


BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL is your 7-step journey, drawing on psychology, neuroscience, spirituality and embodiment, to create empowered and sustainable changes straight away.

Life design and empowerment coach Kate Taylor uses a unique mix of psychological tools and spiritual practices to form her Practical Magic coaching method. She blends straight-talking strategy with a dash of spiritual sauce to create an alchemy of measured action combined with a connection to something greater than us – where the true magic happens.

Divided into seven steps, Kate brings you easy-to-implement practical tools sprinkled with a dash of woo, so that you can create the vibrant, powerful change you've been yearning for.


A manual for thriving 

BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL is about falling headlong in love with life, with the world and people around you and, yes, with yourself.

Kate has a passionate vision to help people squeeze every last atom out of the toothpaste tube of life; to realise their full potential in a deep yet light-hearted, joyful way.  Warm, passionate, kind and funny, she's not just the kind of woman you want as your new best friend: she also packs a hefty spiritual punch.


About the author
(dubbed the 'Human Dream Catcher' by her clients) is a life design and empowerment coach, creative business mentor, Master NLP practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist and Qoya teacher.
Having left the heady world of advertising as a burnt-out ad executive, Kate found her true calling in life: to empower others on their journey of self-discovery.
Kate gives a high-vibe and fresh approach to self-development and modern spirituality through her unique coaching method, Practical Magic.


Like curling up for a course of life coaching with a dearest (and deeply) wise friend – a wonderful resource for anyone seeking to identify their purpose and unlock their power

Blending her uniquely optimistic & individualised outlook with deep-rooted action and pragmatism, Kate has created a way forward that feels both strategic and spiritual – empowering the reader to identify who they really are, what they really want, and the all-important HOW that often derails us.


Time to celebrate your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life!

This book is a celebration of self expression, creativity and joy.

Kate is an embodiment of what she shares and teaches and her energy is always big, bold and beautiful. This book is a celebration of self expression, creativity and joy. An invitation to step into your most daring and wild self. There is magic, joy and encouragement in every page and its a beautiful gift to the world


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