Unlock the limitless potential to create growth & impact in your heart-centred work

with Big, Bold, Beautiful Business Coaching & Mentoring



It's time...

To hold your vision & bring it to life.

It’s time to get visible.

It’s time to create a  


  impact in your heart-centred business

If you have a mission to light up the world through your work, I'm here to help you strike that match and make it happen.



A change is coming

Hey you, beautiful human...

Do you feel that?

A change where the healers, coaches, teachers, dreamers, and multi-hyphenated changemakers are leading the way with love. Business the heart-led way.

It’s time.

It’s time to take your heart-centred business by the hand and rock it into BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL action.



  • You wake up with all the good intentions to smash that to-do list, but as soon as your sit down, you either get side-tracked, or the priorities all merge into one.
  • A lack of clarity means you don't know which of the million ideas you should start with first, or how to land any one of the 100 you keep picking up and putting down.
  • You’re playing smash and grab at everything possible and hoping something sticks that will finally start making you the kind of money that can support your lifestyle in a way that feels juicy, not butt-clenchingly scary.
  • You're on a constant stop/start because at the core you don't know how to price your work in a way that aligns with your worth and the value of your work.
  • You're second-guessing the timing, your abilities, the current climate, whether people will actually want want what you've got to offer... every damn thing!



It gets to be different

You get to have BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL impact

Without having to go it alone.

 Because it's entirely possible that joy, ease, and creativity can coexist with impact and growth, without the headaches and the hustle.

And even though you feel part-imposter and part-warrior you have a calling, and to turn your back on that now would mean turning your back on something that's bigger than you.

With vision, clarity, guidance, and a plan (yes, a plan), anything is possible


If you're ready to move beyond the overwhelm, procrastination and mind-soup that's keeping you in a holding pattern in your heart-centred business, to move forward with purpose, and confidence to get this BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL show on the freaking road.

As your guide with the golden boot, I'm so ready to celebrate the big leaps and steps you take as you get your work out to the world, whilst supporting you through challenges that inevitably come along for the ride (because sometimes, OK a lot of the time, running your own gig is a freaking rollercoaster, right!)

Let me be an extension of your team, and on the energetic board of your business to help you stay connected to the vision you have set out for your work and the  potential it has, and let's make it actually happen.

Not just talking about it and sitting about in your manifestation pants wishing it to life, actually making it happen!

With guidance, support, and focussed strategies that work for your business you can lead with heart and achieve the impact and income you desire from the work you were born to do.


I had such an incredible day with Kate which I can only describe as magic in action! Within hours of sparking ideas and working creativity together, I had my Eureka moment and my creative concepts, system and products complete appeared.
Kate makes the complicated simple and helps you realise you have all you need when you take the space and time to focus on creation in a supportive and inspiring environment.
She just rocks ♡ 




The truth of the matter is...

The landscape is changing

And businesses, particularly heart-centred ones, risk falling behind or failing unless they adapt and evolve.

Especially in the times we live in where uncertainty seems to be around every corner.

Rather than viewing this as negative, you can seize opportunities by embracing flexibility and transforming your work for your people in this ever-changing landscape.



Creating longevity

There is a world of opportunities available to you when you focus on the long term vision and mission of heart-centred business, and your own energy. Authenticity, integrity, ethics, reputation, and most importantly, relationships, are the key to sustainability, growth, and profitability in an ever-shifting world.

As a heart-led, purpose-driven business owner, you can connect with the people you most desire to work with who value businesses that align with their values, leading to long-term sustainable success and impact. This includes the kind of offerings and services you provide that align to your mission and values. 

Let's work together to create this.



Becoming timeless

With a growing demand growth of heart-led practitioners increases. The demand for individualised attention is everything, and heart-centred businesses like yours have a unique opportunity to stand out by creating powerful experiences for your clients based on the transformation you offer to them.

By offering a blended approach, that goes beyond a job title or modality, your heart-centred work can meet the diverse needs of your clients, and they will love you for it. Focussing on experience and expertise is everything.

Your client-focussed, heart-led approach to doing business differently will set you apart, and bring a timeless quality to your heart-centred business.

Let's discover how this works you for you.



Seizing the opportunities

There are new patterns evolving and emerging in these shifting times. As a heart-centred leader (because that's what you are), you have the power to rewrite old paradigms that have disempowered your clients, customers and community up until now.

It's time for you to embrace the new patterns and opportunities emerging for positive change, so you get to focus on giving back, and leading with love and abundance. Doing business differently can be both profitable and altruistic.

Let's seize the opportunities in your heart-led work to create timeless impact in your life, and the life of your clients.

Let's seize the day!

Making the most of the trends

As technology advances it creates new opportunities to connect with your clients, customers and community and communicate your message in creative and exciting ways.

By leveraging these tools you can save time and resources to focus on serving with your heart-led work.

Let's harness the power of both modern and ancient technologies to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Let's create that connection between you and your clients.



Say goodbye to playing small and hello to rocking it

with a vision & mission for your heart-centred work that is truly BIG, BOLD, & BEAUTIFUL


Step into a vision...
of delivering on your true impact, activating your expertise and building a thriving community

As a heart-centred business owner with a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL vision, 

(Yes, I'm talking to you if you're a coaches, wellbeing practitioners, change-makers, creative entrepreneurs and soulful side-hustlers)  

I can help you activate your expertise, build a thriving community, and make your dreams a reality.

Whether you want to create a signature programme you love to deliver, build a community of like-minded souls, publish a book, host a podcast, speak on global stages, or create an epic event, I'm here to guide you towards success.

Let's work together to amplify your mission and vision!



Kate Taylor | Business Empowerment Coach & Mentor | Heart Centred Business Coaching & Mentoring services
I am here to help you...

👉 Become the go-to expert and thought leader within your field of work.

👉 Get your voice heard through invitations for speaking gigs, events, press, and podcasts.

👉 Map out, design and create services, courses, signature programmes, and trainings.

👉 Amplify your own voice through launching your own podcast or writing a book.

👉 Host your own events, retreats and workshop.

👉 Grow your brand, creating authentic connection and growing a vibrant community.

And ultimately help you create sustainable growth in your heart-centred business so you can thrive and glow, so you can help others to really feel the impact that the work you do has on their lives.

So much so that they are jumping with joy to be working with you.




BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL Business Mentoring

Bring me onto the energetic board of your heart-centred business as your coach, mentor, and guide to bring your desires to life and cultivate joy, impact, income, and abundance into your mission & vision.



VIP Immersion day

We begin our BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL BUSINESS journey with a full day VIP immersive experience. This is where we will take a deep-delicious dive into a 12 month vision and creation of your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL BUSINESS with you at the centre of heart-centred mission.


Limitless coaching support

To ensure you bring this vision to life, you will be supported with unlimited (yes, really) online coaching and mentoring sessions. These sessions will help you stay connected to the vision, and working with proven strategies to bring your vision to life, whilst clearing any blocks that may (and will) get in the way of making it happen.





Voxer Access

In those moments when you need a quick check in, or golden boot to get you on your way: you will have me in your pocket for the duration of our time together.

In-the-moment guidance and support when you need it the most.

This is a great way to keep you on track, or check in on anything in between coaching sessions.



Access to Expansive Business Resources

You will receive exclusive access to the incredible content available within The Expansion Academy learning library, which has all of the tools, guidance, frameworks and content to support your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL business goals.


The pathway to  expansion

The  Expansion Codes 



For a mission to come to life it must start with a vision for what you really want to create within your business. We create a 12 month vision for your heart-centred work based on metrics that mean something to you, and aligned to your values.




You will unlock all the essential tools and resources to turn your vision into a reality. Expect a well-defined yet adaptable action plan finally, a plan!) so you know exactly what you're doing. This will be complemented by strategies and tactics tailored to your objectives, with measurable outcomes and accountability.




We tap into exactly who you are here to support and serve, where they are right now, and where they can get to as a result of working with you.

It's in the transformation of what you are here to unlock for them, that your offerings, programmes and services can spring to life.

And they will have something they can land on to work with you.




There's no one-size fits all approach to business, so we work to find a way that works for you. As a heart-centred, soulful rebel, you are creating a tide of change and doing it your way.

We explore the YOU-shaped way of doing business that aligns what you are here to do, how you work at your best, and who you are here to do that with.




We will explore the connections that weave through it all: From connecting to your heartbeats, you vision and mission, to translating that mission through your messaging, putting your intention into action, and finally, connecting to your authentic self-expression so that you no long feel like an imposter playing at business, you are freaking doing it!




No heart-centred business can exist without the glue that binds it; community. Together we will explore ways to build an army of love, your circle of heartbeats, that include clients, peers, teams, and your circle of love, guidance, inspiration and support, who will all be your energetic team in this mission-based work. 

Finally; you never feel like you're going it alone, because you're not!



Heart-led business from a place of having a clear direction of travel



Imagine waking up each morning feeling excited and energised to start your day. You have a clear direction and purpose, and your actions are aligned with your vision for success. You're no longer held back by those pesky mind critters telling you you don't know what the flip you're doing, or those voices in your head that keep you second-guessing your every move.

Instead, you create from a place of feeling grounded and anchored into a clear plan with the strategies in place that mean you can finally love and trust in your abilities to create the impact and income you desire.

An here's where I truly sit in my zone of genius to support you, because with my guidance, support and experience, you can transform your business from something you feel like you're playing at, into something you truly believe in.

Throughout our time together, we'll work on identifying and moving through the blocks that have been keeping you in a holding pattern. Whether that's a lack of clarity on how to make your business work, fear of failure, or imposter syndrome-- we'll tackle these issues head-on and develop strategies to overcome them. You'll gain a deeper connection with yourself and your intuition, and allow new ideas and inspiration to flow freely.

As you step into the potential your work has, you will feel aligned to the same excitement you had when you started out, you know before the doubts and overwhelm got in the way. You'll begin to notice big shifts happening in your life and business. New opportunities will arise, clients will come knocking at your door, and income will start flowing in the right direction...finally!



How would it feel to step away from BS holding you back so you can finally focus on what really matters to you and your success?


It's not just about achieving success in your business. It's about creating a life that brings you joy, freedom, and the kind of lifestyle you want for you and those you care about the most. We'll work on developing a holistic approach to your business and your life, so that you can achieve success without sacrificing your health or your relationships.

By the end of our time together, you'll have gained a new perspective on your business and your life, in a BIG, BOLD BEAUTIFUL way. You'll feel empowered and confident in your abilities, and have a clear roadmap for achieving your goals. You'll have developed a deeper connection with yourself and your intuition, and be able to make decisions easily and with confidence, because you're so clear on what you are doing.

So if you're ready to transform your life and your business, and create a future that is aligned with your vision for success, then let's get started!

Kate meets and exceeds everything I have on a coaching criteria wish-list

Her creative and unconventional approach, together with her innate coaching skills of exceptional listening and questioning make working with her a joy.








It would definitely not have happened (or so quickly) if it wasn't for you.

Coaching and mentoring is an investment well spent to make massive changes in one's life - to be happy and fulfilled with a job you love.

It’s so funny that when you see someone’s achievements in the third person you think, 'blimey they sound lucky'. Then you realise you’re the lucky person who got their dream!!






Apply to get BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL in your heart-led work 

Check out the time and investment options below & hit the apply button. Don't worry, you're not committing to anything by filling out this form. This is just a first step to making sure we are a perfect match and that I can help you achieve your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL Business goals.




  • VIP Immersion Day to plan out your vision and action plan
  • Follow up coaching call
  • Can be upgrade to three or six months ongoing coaching support




  • VIP Immersion Day to plan out your vision and action plan
  • Three months of unlimited 1:1 online coaching sessions (yes, UNLIMITED!)
  • Voxer Access
  • Access to The Expansion Academy Resources & Learning Library




  • VIP Immersion Day to plan out your vision and action plan
  • Six months of unlimited 1:1 online coaching sessions (yes, UNLIMITED!)
  • Voxer Access
  • Access to The Expansion Academy Resources & Learning Library
Let's play

Hi, I'm Kate

As a heart-centred, soulful, and creative business coach and mentor with over 25 years of experience in marketing and business, I approach business in a different way to the cookie-cutter approach to helping you create a business and life you desire.

My unique approach blends proven and measured strategy with the soulful connection to create alchemy.

This alchemy of measured action combined with an embodied connection to something greater than us, is where true magic happens. 

Having earned my stripes working with some of the world's biggest brands, I've taken that learning and blended into into this purpose-driven, wellbeing and personal development space.  

Through passion and a heart-led, human-centred approach to business and marketing, I've launched successful crowdfunding campaigns, online courses & programmes, created a global community of coaches through a coach training programme, hosted a popular podcast, sold out retreats, published two books, spoken on stages from Bestival to Bloomberg, and hosted countless events. I've even curated and produced a wellbeing festival.

I truly believe that if an idea is solid in intention, it can be brought to life.

With your vision and my guidance, we'll create something BIG, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL. I believe that anything is possible when you have a clear vision, a solid plan, and the right mindset. My core values of compassion, creativity, and living life to the fullest, infused with a healthy dose of fun and rock n’ roll disco ball shine, guide me in all that I do.

I'm here to help you light up the disco ball in your heart and your belly to live a life that makes a difference not just to your world but to the world. 
I’m a big dreamer. I dream BIG for your life and the life of your heart-centred work.
My clients call me the human dream catcher because when you create a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL vision for your life and your work, I help you create it in the NOW.
As the Wearer of the Golden Boot I also give you the (loving) kick up the bum you need when you are procrastinating & second-guessing yourself.


My mission is to help you create expansion alongside sustainability, drenched with creativity and passion

With a decade of experience carving my own path in this industry, I've broken the mould with my BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL approach to the personal development and the wellbeing space.

Having a background working in  hyper-fast, hyper-creative agency land means I bring innovative strategies to heart-centred business, so you can keep evolving with the changing landscape, whilst staying true to what you have to offer.

I don't believe in overnight success or quick-fixes (although you will get immediate motivation and actions). This work is a lifetime in the making, and that's a great thing as it shifts and adapts as you do, as the world does. It's important that what you create has flexibility and that you love doing it.

This is a key in an ever-shifting world, and often challenging landscape, and will be the difference between success or burn out.

I love what I do and the missions of those I've been lucky enough to work with. No two businesses, or clients are the same. I've worked alongside pop stars, YouTube sensations, teachers, coaches, crystal healers, and creative agency owners who all create from a place of vision and a mission to manifest and create expansion in their heart-centred work in the BIGGEST, BOLDEST most BEAUTIFUL way.

And I can't wait to hold that space and create expansive growth with you.



Kate's superpower is zooming out of any situation you're in to offer you a holistic, compassionate and deeply honest perspective.
I hadn't anticipated this being a journey that would take effect literally from the first conversation.
She's not about pushing business on aimlessly for the sake of rapid, un-rooted growth: she fully feels where you're at and guides you closer to a life that is in total alignment.
I feel very safe working with Kate knowing that she has my best interest at heart - that means dreaming big for me whilst also making sure I don't burn out, play small or forget who I am in the process.

 SARAH WEILER, Leadership Coach. Quitting Expert. Creative ENTREPRENEUR




The pathway to your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL growth


We can meet for a one-off strategy day, or you can be supported for three and six months. What you need will depend on what you are hoping to achieve and where you're at in your business and your work.

2. complete the application form & book a call

Once you've completed the application form we will hop on a call to make sure we're the right fit to work together, and you can ask any questions you may have.

3.  we get going!

Once we have agreed to work together, you will receive a welcome email, agreement and we will book in your VIP day, coaching calls and Voxer access (if you are taking the 3 or 6 month option).

  • You're ready to take action and make your biggest, boldest, biggest business  calling and mission a reality.
  • You're passionate about creating positive impact in the world through your purpose-driven, heart-led business.
  • You're committed to building a business that aligns with your values and brings you joy.
  • You're open to being stretched beyond your comfort zone, to embrace new perspectives and ideas, and most importantly, ready to learn, grow and take action!
  • You are ready to invest in yourself to work with  someone who will help you see beyond your blindspots to create meaningful and impactful growth in your work and your business.
  • You are in this work for the long-term and are ready to create a vision that stretches beyond what's directly in front of you.
  • You're looking for a magic bullet or a quick fix that will instantly solve all of your challenges, and be willing to step out of your own way to make shizzle happen.
  • You don't believe that your business or your life has the potential to be extraordinary, and being will to step into your potentiality.
  • You're not ready to take ownership and action towards your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life and business, 
  • You're not open to new ideas, perspectives, and approaches that will take you into your leadership with heart and confidence.
I went into coaching with Kate with the goal of being transformed at the end.
I hadn't anticipated this being a journey that would take effect literally from the first conversation.
Only weeks in and I've achieved a goal that, up until now, I've classed as a dream and something I thought I couldn't do without training and months of practice.





Frequently Asked Questions




The world needs your fierce brand of love

it's time to bring that to life.
I thought I was investing in business coaching but the extra added bonus has been being able to step up into a version of myself that once I could only dream about

Every-time I pushed myself out of a comfort zone I had a cheerleader encouraging me on.  When I doubted myself I was listened to without judgement and picked up so I could carry along the topsy turvy path of my heart-centred business.

Naomi Newland, Festival Founder, Business & Confidence Coach, Hypnotherapist & Emotional Freedom therapist,  and Creator of The MORE THAN ENOUGH METHOD



Working with Kate has changed my life (without the drama that comes with it).

This is the life I am meant to be living.  I wake up filled with electricity and purpose and go to sleep with my head brimming with ideas. Opportunities are presenting themselves at every turn. 

Donna Easton, Joyologist, Coach & Founder, LifeShine







A final thought from me.


I'm not here to get to an elusive, arbitrary number in your business that, from the outside, looks like the definition of what  'success' should be. Yes, we are here to create growth in a way where you are enjoying what you are doing and thriving, and that does need you to be clear and excited about the numbers. We certainly don't do that in a way that is of detriment to your health, or your integrity.

We will not be creating strategies or tactics that are not aligned to your values, or any kind of ethics. In fact we begin our journey together connecting with your values and how you create growth with ethics and integrity at the heart of what you do.

We will not be following any one-formula, or 'one-size-fits-all' approach, because there isn't one way of doing things, there's a YOU way of doing business. So we will go on a deep dive into what that is, and how that will work for you in your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL business.

I'm not here to make you like the million other carbon copy coaches, or wellbeing practitioners who seem to have taken up so much real estate on your social media feeds over the last few years.

Nope! I can proudly say I'm here for the soulful rebels, the weirdos, and the misfits who are doing heart-centred business differently. Those who cannot not do what you do, because it's part of you, and you are here to light up the goddamn world with what you have to offer.

And I am here to help you thrive, and create that growth in a way that feels BIG, BOLD, and freaking BEAUTIFUL.

What I know to be true is that this is your time. The world is waiting. The world needs you and your fierce brand of love. In fact, there's no finer human, and no better time that NOW to be getting your work out into the world.


Apply now






  • VIP Immersion Day to plan out your vision and action plan
  • Follow up coaching call
  • Can be upgrade to three or six months ongoing coaching support.






  • VIP Immersion Day to plan out your vision and action plan.
  • Three months of unlimited 1:1 online coaching sessions (yes, UNLIMITED!)
  • Voxer Access
  • Access to The Expansion Academy Resources & Learning Library.






  • VIP Immersion Day to plan out your vision and action plan
  • Six months of unlimited 1:1 online coaching sessions (yes, UNLIMITED!)
  • Voxer Access
  • Access to The Expansion Academy Resources & Learning Library.
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