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End of Year Review & Reflect Ritual: Getting Ready for your BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL year ahead (Part one)

Every year in the time between Christmas and New Year I take the time to carry out a review and reflect ritual before diving into creating my BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL vision map for the year ahead.
It's such a simple thing to do and yet so powerful, because without knowing where you've come from it's impossible to get really clear on where you want to go.
It's also incredibly important to take stock on all that you've achieved and experienced over the 12 months of the year that's been - the good, the bad and the not so pretty.
This allows you to delve into the treasure chest of the beautiful experiences and what you would like more of, and then to be super-clear on the things that haven't served you in the year that's been to ensure that you don't haul them into the next year with you.
So, grab yourself a journal, pop the kettle on, light a candle and follow these simple steps for part one of creating your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL year ahead :
  1. Go through your calendar, starting at January 2023 and take note of all the things you enjoyed and explored month-by-month.
  2. As you review on these experiences, make note of anything you did and achieved within each month where you felt proud for what you created.
  3. Take note of times where you struggled and came through something difficult. What did you learn and how has it made you stronger? Be really kind and compassionate with yourself on this one.
  4. Once you've reviewed your year, think about what you have learned and what you want more of for next year and, of course, what you want less of.
  5.  Think about a word or phrase that will be your guide as you move into the next year.
Once you've completed these simple review and reflect ritual it's the perfect energy and intention to start creating your BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL vision map.
I will share more on how to do this as part of the UNSTOPPABLE mini-course, which takes place from Monday 8 January. Are you signed up yet? You can do that here >. We're going to spend three evenings together stepping away from everything that has been holding you back to create BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL soul goals along with the rocking self belief to make them a thing of reality in 2024 and beyond.
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