Blended Modalities: The Power of the Multi-Hyphenated Career for Heart-Centred Business Owners by Business Empowerment Coach Kate Taylor

Blended Modalities: The Power of the Multi-Hyphenated Career for Heart-Centred Business Owners

When you're running a heart-centred business, you will be more than aware that your personal and professional development and wellbeing is crucial to your growth when it comes to being of service and having a thriving business.

 And it's unlikely that you have the time and resources to go to many different people to get the level of strategy and support you need, and instead may choose to work with someone who will support you and your business.


It's the same for your clients.

Gone are the days when running your own heart-centred business means having only one job title. Today, many heart-centred business owners have multi-hyphenated careers. They may be a coach, consultant, author, speaker, and podcaster all at the same time. The beauty of having a multi-hyphenated career is that it allows you to diversify your income streams, reach more people, and provide value in different ways.

It's about creating ways of working that bend, flex, adapt, change, and grow as you do and as your heartbeats do.

And as you do, you understand that your clients are seeking new ways to learn, grow, and transform too. That's why it's essential to keep up with the changing pace of personal and professional development.

One thing that has come alive in the last few years is how heart-centred business owners are no longer just one thing; they use blended modalities in their work.

I certainly do in mine; it's where Practical Magic came to be—the strategic with the spiritual, mind with body, and logic with intuition to go deeper.

In my own work, I blend modalities such as coaching, mentoring, NLP, marketing, speaking, and writing with embodiment and energetic empowerment practices such as Qoya, reiki, and energy work.

Some of them are plain to see others support them but run in the background. All are useful and needed.

And the truth is that your clients are looking for more holistic practices to help them with what they need.

Blended modalities combine traditional and up-to-the-minute methods to create a comprehensive and personalised approach to personal and professional development (more on this in my next blog post).

By using a blend of different modalities, heart-centred business owners can help clients achieve more impactful and sustainable results.

However, having multiple job titles can also be confusing for your clients. So, how do you embrace this for your own heart-centred work, and communicate in a way that your heartbeats can resonate with you?

Here's seven key approaches to ensure that your multi-passionate work connects to your dreamiest of dream clients, your heartbeats.


Don't lead with your job title, it doesn't mean anything to them!

However tempting it may be, and how conditioned we are to think that our worth is related to our status, just don't do it! Whilst you may have a wall full of shiny certificates and an array of brilliant modalities and strategies that you know are going to help people no end, that's not why people will come to work with you. Your qualifications are important, but they won't mean a thing to your clients.

Instead, lead with your mission & values

By leading with your mission and values you can attract the right clients who resonate with your message and are willing to invest in themselves. While it's important to communicate your services and offering, it's even more critical to convey your purpose and mission. It gives your heartbeats something to feel part of.

Your purpose and your mission helps them feel like they belong. And in a world of endless choice this matters.

Focus on who you help and why

Be so super-clear on who you work with, and who you don't, and why. This helps those who are here to work with you see themselves in your reflections.

Be clear on the transformation

Your heartbeats don't buy your job title, they buy their transformation. They are buying their freedom, or the way out of the stuck place they are in. And in order to work with someone who's going to help them get there they want to feel seen, heard and understood before they even think about working with you.

What they are looking for is to be met where they are at now, and show what's on the other side and what's possible for them when they are free, or out of the stuckness they are experiencing.

Bridge the Gap

Be clear on how and why what you do bridges the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Show them the steps they might need to take to make that chasm seem like a hop, skip and jump with you by their side.

Only then share how and what you do

Once you've let your heartbeats feel seen and understood, and can feel the transformation, then share how and what you do to support them getting there. Keep it simple, and be relatable. Use  language they would use, and relate it to their real world experience.

Don't be afraid to share your story and your journey

No-one can see themselves in the "finished article" (even though there's no such thing), but they can see themselves in an inspiring and real story. Your heartbeats will be drawn to authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency, so don't be afraid to share your story and why you're passionate about your work.


Having a blended approach to your work is a strength. Celebrate your multi-hyphenated, multi-passionate career, don't be afraid to let your work and your light shine. The way to make the most of it is to be clear with your communications so that your heartbeats can see themselves in the world you are inviting them into.

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