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Remembering you are BIG MAGIC through the power of storytelling

Have you ever encountered a book that felt like a beacon guiding you through the labyrinth of your own existence? A book that seemed to reach into the depths of your soul and illuminate parts of yourself you didn't even know existed? For me, that book is Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert.

In the pages, Gilbert weaves a tapestry of inspiration, creativity and courage. It's a book that goes beyond words; it's a roadmap to unlocking the infinite potential that lies within each of us. For me, reading it felt like a revelation, as if a switch had been flipped, igniting a firestorm of creativity and purpose within me.

I was lucky enough to attend an evening with Liz Gilbert this week. I hadn't realised how much my soul needed to be in a room of other beautiful humans all connecting to their own wisdom and realisations through the powerful and vulnerability of what Liz was gifting to us throughout the evening.
Liz is an incredible storyteller. Anyone who can stand on a stage for 90 minutes and captivate a theatre full of open hearts through sharing stories of love, grief, and the painful (and hilarious) plight of being a woman in a world which has been created to pit us against ourselves has to be.
She is someone who speaks from one heart to another with the wisdom of 10,000 who've gone before.
Every story hit like an arrow to the heart, like it's been lived and written about me and for me. And I know from speaking to others who were there that they felt the same.
Because that's what good storytelling does, it reaches into your soul and pulls out a truth.
At the beginning of every retreat those who've gathered are invited to hold a ball of red thread and share what has brought them to be there and what they hope to receive from the time they've gifted themselves.
As the stories and the red thread are shared, what is created is a web of powerful connection and intersection of those stories as each person is witnessed.
There is a remembering that takes place when we hear our own stories out of the mouths of others.
Because the truth is, we are all witnesses to each other's stories as we live our own.
But somewhere along the way that gets forgotten and we are left thinking that we are fucking things up because of a lack of ‘enoughness’.
But when we gather and share our stories, they speak to your heart and open up some deep wisdom that is medicine for the soul and your own BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL life.
It shines a light on the next steps for the road ahead.
It opens up treasure in the treasure chest of possibility and guides the inner resources that are so damn needed.
It helps you to feel less alone.
It guides you to remember who the fuck you are.
Being in a space where you can gather with like-hearted humans sharing stories, having space and lighting the path for what's next for you is EVERYTHING we will be doing at the KICKSTART ⚡️LIVE day retreat on Saturday 11 May.
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