How do you use this time of year to create a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL vision for the year ahead.

Here's how to create an UNSTOPPABLE year.

I love this time of the year. It's one I create a ritual around; every year on the 28th of December as I take myself off for a day of reflection and connection.

Normally, I only have a little bit of time after Christmas and New Year, before I head off to host a New Year retreat. This year I was feeling the need to be at home for some serious downtime, so this year’s annual day-date with myself will be taken at a wonderfully leisurely pace.

I spend the day reviewing the year that’s been, and creating BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL soul goals for my year ahead.

I create and plan as much of the year that I can, before I get busy helping others to create and plan their own BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL soul goals and visions in the new year.

So, with endless cups of tea, lunch and cake, I will sit somewhere that looks out over the sea, and work my way through my 2022 Year in Review Workbook (have you downloaded yours yet, if not, you can do that right here >

One of the things I love the most is when I am going through the highlight reel element of the workbook is to get my calendar open and do a run through of the year.

This year, my highlight reel looks something like:

⚡️A two book deal:

           ✨ One to take the Practical Magic Activation Deck worldwide 🎉

           ✨ One to create the book of my dreams on living a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life  📚

⚡️ Writing 60,000 words of that BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL book.

⚡️ Organising and delivering a stuff-of-dreams wellbeing festival with guests and a pinch-me line up of wellbeing speakers, who gathered from many corners of the world.

⚡️ Singing wellbeing Karaoke at the top of my lungs drenched in sequins at said festival.

⚡️ Hosting two sell out retreats on the beautiful Isle of Wight and my soul home of the White Isle of Ibiza.

⚡️ Training and nurturing nearly 50 Practical Magic coaches to get out there and share their magic intuitive superpowers with the world.

⚡️ Mentoring over 10 heart-centred business owners create expansion in their mission-led, purpose-fuelled work.

⚡️ Helping 15 disco ball hearted humans KICKSTART some serious life-changing transformation in their BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life - oh, the stories of transformation - I could write a whole book just about that!

⚡️ And holding space for 2,000 people in various BIG, BOLD BEAUTIFUL courses, events, workshops and happenings.

⚡️ Countless dance parties and sneaking Harry Styles into empowering playlists throughout the year.

Phewee! No wonder this woman needed some downtime over this Christmas/New Year period!

One of the biggest lessons and blessings that has come out of all of this is the HUGE amount of gratitude I have for you, , and this BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL work and community.

You are my purpose, and my purpose is my life force.


What this review and reflect also gives me is the opportunity to get clear on what I will keep, and what I get to clear out the way for a juicy BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL 2023.

I know I need more space and more in-person connection and JOY in 2023.

Some of what has come out of this year I will be dialling up on into the next year (I am fizzing with excitement about what coming through)

Some of it I will will be saying a massive THANK YOU and SO LONG to.

I need to clear some space to make my BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL 2023 an UNSTOPPABLE one.

And I’m inviting you to do the same, darling

So take some time and space for yourself this week -  if you can -  to create your own highlight reel of 2022.

Get clear on what you’re ready to say goodbye to from the year that’s been, and then get excited about what you’re ready to welcome in with the 2022.

It’s all here for you in the 2022 Year in Review Workbook > 

And then, join me to get UNSTOPPABLE in your year ahead with a free 3 day mini course taking place from 9-11 January, where to you will ditch the excuses, quit the procrastination, and make 2023 the year you make shizzle happen.

And ultimately become UNSTOPPABLE in your pursuit of living a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL year ahead.

If you’re ready to go all-in and take action on making 2023 BIG, BOLD & unashamedly BRIGHT, then come on in and create an UNSTOPPABLE year out of 2023 👇👇👇

Sign up for the UNSTOPPABLE mini course 9-11 January 2023 >

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