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Learn about my simple end of year ritual to help you carry out an energetic stock check on your year

This time of year often has us either neck high in tinsel and turkey (or nut roast), running a million miles an hour trying to get everything done before switching off for a week of chasing your last fave choc around the Quality Street tin.

You may be feeling more like the fairy lights with low battery power from all the crazy of the year that's been--wishing on a Christmas star for a fresh start in the new year.

Even more so this year. It's been a lot.

It's been a lot when we thought it was going to be easier.

Trying to catch up on the previous two years of restriction when you're trying to deal with the fall out of the last two years - not just your own, but everyone else's - can take its toll on your energy and capacity to live your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life.

I gathered with my Practical Magic coaches for an evening of review and gratitude celebrations this week. As we all gathered and checked in with each other, the overwhelming sense of exhaustion was loud and clear.

A general feeling of sliding down the walls just wanting to get this year over with, and the almost desperation for 2023 to be different.

A consensus that 2022 was one to file in the memory banks as a 'null and void' year.

'Nothing to see here in 2022, let's move along.'

But something magical happened as we did a review and reflect in the rearview mirror of our collective disco balls--the energy and vibe started lifting with every celebration and moment of appreciation for all the BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL things that have taken place.

It brought a little bit of balance to the overwhelm and exhaustion of the year that's been.

A fresh perspective.

And with it a shift from knackered and neggie to excited and inspired.

That's why I love doing a review and reflect at this time of year, before skipping ahead to creating shiny new goals and intentions for a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL year ahead.

It's important to know where you've been, so you can clear the path for where you're going.

A review and reflect to understand what's been good, what's been bad, and what's been downright ugly, so you can more of the former and less of the middle and the latter.

If you would like a guide to help you with exactly that, you can download my FREE BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL 2022 Year in Review Coaching Workbook.

I love spending some time with myself in the time between Christmas and New Year with this annual ritual to review the lessons and the blessings of the year that's been.

To say needed to say a proper 'farewell' to anything that's no longer needed.

And a big 'ole THANK YOU to everything that has been shown up to be BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL.

So, download the guide, light a candle, and get ready to play for a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL 2023 and beyond.

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