Slow your roll.. Five life-changing benefits I've learnt on retreat about slowing the f*ck down

There's clear blue skies down here at Disco Ball Towers, which are giving me life!

That, and the delicious space that this month is bringing me, even amongst the launch of the Practical Magic Activation Deck next week.

Normally, I would be doing a launch whilst juggling at least two other big projects (book writing and festival organising were the crazy big side hustles last year) but this year gets to be so incredibly different, because this year is all about creating space and joy, and with that I've had to slow the frick down.

And you know what? Even though I'm slowing down this year, I'm not failing.

Even though my fear voice and ego - who like to have more than their fair share of input - would have previously told me that failure is an inevitability unless I'm running at everything like my life depended on it.

And yes, even though I logically know this, and support my clients to create what feels BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL to them without burning out, it's a lesson that all too often needs to bash me on the head before I'll listen.

Ah, the lessons.

Learning to slow down is not always the easiest thing to do, but it has so many incredible benefits to living and creating within your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life.

It's why I host retreats, because it gives me - and those who join me - the opportunity to jump of the crazy train of life and re-evaluate what's important, and what needs attention, that is just so difficult to do when you're in the thick of it.

As I prepare for the Practical Magic Spring Retreat Weekend next month, this got me to thinking about the other unexpected benefits that slowing down at retreat brings to a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life:

Here's my top five:

🌸 Slowing down makes more time

Time is a stretchy thing, when your busy it seems to speed up, when you slow down time slows down with you. Three days, or a week on retreat can feel like a month, so you get so much more time to focus on what you really need (and what you don't) for your life.

🌸 Slowing down allows activates your senses... in the best possible way

One of the things we do each morning on the Spring retreat is to go for a silent walk in the forest. No chatter. No filling the spaces. An intentional start the day. By slowing down and taking notice of everything around you, you start to notice your senses come alive, wisdom bombs dropping in, your whole body relaxing, ideas weaving their way into being. Food tastes better, conversations become deeper, nature becomes more vibrant, life just feels richer.


🌸 Slowing down provides space, and space provides perspective

That thing that you've been worrying about... That problem that seems so huge... The challenge that seems so impenetrable... all melt, or at least lose their grip when there's the opportunity to let the old parasympathetic nervous system kick in. This gives you the opportunity to see things without the clutches of being in fight or flight, and my goodness, there's some deep wisdom that comes from being able to get a perspective shift when you're body and mind isn't in constant freak out mode!

🌸 Slowing down creates space for discovery and ideas to take shape

I've witnessed new ventures being birthed, poems dropping from the sky that help life make sense, journalling that connects to deep wisdom. Having space held for you - on every level - means that you get to connect to your deepest wisdom and creativity, which can so often be capped when you're racing around trying to find all the answers that are already right there within you. It's BIG MAGIC stuff!

🌸 Slowing down fosters deeper connections

In everyday life you are most likely running here there and everywhere, thinking about the next thing on your to-do list, or the last thing you haven't done. All real connection to self, and to others goes out of the window because your attention is so diluted. This impacts relationships on every level--your family, your partner, your friendships, your colleagues, the dog!
By coming away from it all, slowing the frick down, and connecting into what's really important makes savouring those relationships so much more important when you go back to them.

I always come back from retreat feeling so nourished and full - on every level - because I am reminded of the way I get to live a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life beyond the hustle.

Like one of my lovely guests says, "It's my opportunity to breathe the life back into my life."

If you're reading this and know that slowing down is what you need, then let's hang out on the beautiful Isle of Wight over the weekend of 17-20 March (even the ferry journey is all part of the slow down adventure ⛴)

We will spend the Spring equinox weekend hitting the reset button on your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life, all in the comfort of a beautiful eco lux Tiny Home (these places are literally the best place to stay, ever!), eating the most incredible home-cooked food, hanging out with a soul crew of fabulous humans, enjoying rest, relaxation and a little disco ball shine!

Oh yeah, and massages and a wood-fired sauna and hot tub.

What's not to freaking love about that?

You can find out more about slowing down and joining the Practical Magic Spring Weekend Retreat right here >
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Saturday 16 September 2023