Five powerful lessons from spending time in BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL community

I'm reflecting on the power of community, after what has been a powerful first few weeks of January.

Over the last few weeks I've been around 100 plus women who care so deeply about the world we inhabit that they are showing up to make powerful change.

From the person who wants to create healthier boundaries and wellbeing habits, so they have more energy to show up, through to multi six figure global business entrepreneurs who desire to scale up to create generational change.

You may be reading this wondering how someone who is just starting out on their own personal journey can be in common with a successful serial entrepreneur who's spent 25 plus years being in the spiritual and personal development space, and the truth is... A LOT.

Here's a run down of what I've discovered holding space, and having space held for me...

💗 We all have a deep desire to be seen for the things that really matter to us

As much as we have fear of being judged for the things that really matter to us. When you know that they are two side of the same coin, then you have the ability to take action on the things that really matter, and work on yourself to move beyond the fear of judgement.

💗 No-one has their shit together

EVER. Full freaking stop. And that's a beautiful thing, because it opens up space for growth and learning at every step of the journey.

💗 Your potential is reflected back to you 100 million times through someone else's eyes

What you think about yourself and your lack of abilities is freaking BS. You don't see what other people see. FACT.

When you surround yourself with people who get you, and can see what you can't, you naturally want to step up and into the version of you they see, not the version of yourself you think you are!

💗 Being amongst your cheerleaders and (loving) challengers creates miracles

You will notice that there are those in your life who will roll their eyes when you dare to step out into your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL YOU-ness, and there are those whose eyes light up when they see you doing you.

Being in places and spaces with those who get you and what you desire to achieve will get you there 100 times faster than spending time with those who haven't got a clue what you're all about.

Pom poms and golden boots are the KEY!

💗 Taking time out and being in inspiring environments with inspiring humans will change your outlook on life (and your life)

No matter how busy you are, or how much you have on your to-do list, the simple fact is that you can only go 'round and 'round with your own thoughts and actions in your work and your life.

After a time you will get bored, unmotivated and overwhelmed, and will start listening to all the stories you tell yourself (or even the fears other people feed you) about why you can't/shouldn't live your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life, and do what you are here to do.

Taking time out to be with people who make your bold feel normal in spaces that inspires you on every sensory level is critical.

It's not just a nice to have.

This can be anything from taking time out in nature to go for a walk with a friend who lifts you up, through to taking a few days out for yourself to focus on you.

That time and space will be 100% more productive and effective that any one thing you tick off your to do list!

I could go on (and on and on). In fact, I think I could write a whole other damned book on it, but I won't... for now 😂

What I know is that 2023 is bringing me LIFE being in places with incredible disco ball hearted humans, just like you, , who are curious and courageous enough to step out of the everyday to create whatever BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL means for you.

I'm here for it, and will continue to both create the spaces, and put myself in those spaces where I can hold space, and be inspired in equal measure

Talking of which, spaces are filling up for the Practical Magic Spring Weekend, which is taking place on the beautiful Isle of Wight across the weekend of 17-20 March.

It's a weekend of pure relaxation, inspiration and getting you the frick back to you... in nature, and amongst a community of like-minded souls who will become your soul family in no time.

AND with the most delicious food... a wood-fired spa... in a wild flower meadow... staying in a luxury eco Tiny Home...

Say wha?????

I know!!

Check it out and come play! 👇👇




Photo by Jason Swain Wight Pixels from The Awakening Festival of Wellbeing 2022.

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