What is a Heart-Centred, Purpose-Driven Business? blog post by Kate Taylor, Business Empowerment Coach

What is a Heart-Centred, Purpose-Driven Business?

Have you ever stopped for a minute and connected to why you do what you doand I mean, really connected to why you do what you do in your heart-centred work? Or maybe you're in the space right now where you have an idea of something different that you want to do that you know will make a positive difference to someone else, and make your life a whole lot more fulfilling.

Many people believe they fall into doing heart-centred work because of a change in circumstanceredundancy, for example. Or a change in life event means that you can no longer continue doing what you were doing before, (Fact stat: it's reported that 1 in 10 women quit their job because of menopausal symptoms and not being supported in the workplace1, and 85% of women leave full-time employment within 3 years of having children2). Or maybe that life event provides a flash of inspiration, or an identification of a gap in the market.

And while all of these things are definitely contributing factors to take a leap towards, running a heart-centred business and leading the way with mission and purpose at the core of what you do runs deeper than that, and when you can truly connect to that on every level, it serves as a powerful force for motivation, longevity, and success in your work.

So what is a heart-centred, purpose-driven business, and how can leading the way with heart and purpose help you create a successful and sustainable career path?

Let's explore...

A heart-centred business, in essence, can be characterised by a commitment to values such as authenticity, integrity, love, compassion, community, and purpose. It's this leading the way through those core values that means it goes beyond mere profit-making and prioritises creating a positive impact on people and the planet.

You will most likely identify as a heart-centred business when what you do and how you operate show up as: 

Being in alignment with your values:

Your heart-centred business operates in alignment with its core values. They are the guiding path through every decision made, through relationships with customers, clients and partnerships, and are the leading light in the overall mission of the business. These values will often emphasise integrity, empathy, and a genuine desire to make a positive difference to the world.



Focussing on purpose and meaning:

Your heart-centred businesses (as you will) has a clear sense of purpose that goes beyond what we might systematically believe 'success' looks like (financial reward, prestige, power-share, influence). And while those 'success' drivers are important to some extent - or not! - a heart-centred business will strive for 'success' that has a deeper meaning. A heart-centred business will strive to make a meaningful contribution to society, whether through their products, services, or initiatives. The business exists to serve a higher purpose and create positive change.



A desire for authenticity and connection:

If you are someone who believes in genuine, heart-led connection to others, and holding space for that to be real, felt, genuine connection, then you are definitely a heart-centred entrepreneur. Heart-centred businesses foster authentic connections with their clients, customers, employees, and communities. Priorities are focussed on building relationships based on trust, open communication, compassion, connection and empathy. There is genuine engagement and a human-centred, values-driven approach that is integral to how the business operates.



You choose to operate from a place of "Do No Harm"

A heart-centred business will more often that now uphold ethical standards and adopts equitable and sustainable practices that minimise harm to the environment and prioritise the wellbeing of everyone you come into contact with. Some might call this 'conscious business', but I like to think of it as doing no harm, and operating from a place of love and integrity.  There is the desire, and sometimes steadfast mission to consider the long-term impact of its actions and strives for social and environmental responsibility. And whilst, we might not always get it right, there is the desire to learn and educate oneself, and the people who you play in the space with to do and be better allies.



You have a genuine passion to make the world a better place

You truly believe that through what you do, whether you know you can change one life, or one million, you are here to create a positive change. Through having an impact-driven mindset and mission your business is the driver to make that difference. You will measure success not only in financial terms but also by the positive impact you create. You will actively seek opportunities to contribute to social causes and sustainability incentives, support communities, and address societal challengeswhat I call "love activism". 


So what kind of businesses are heart-centred businesses?

Any business that operates with integrity and compassion at its core can be classified as a heart-centred businesses, and they can be found across various industries and sectors. The specific nature of each business may vary, but what unites them is their commitment to making a positive impact and operating with a sense of purpose.

I have found (and work with many of them) that there are sectors that align fundamentally with the heart-centred approach. These are:


Wellness and holistic business and practitioners:

From yoga teachers, through to sound healers, energy workers, breathwork facilitators, and so often, a blend of modalities, if you are someone who is on this earth to help others prioritise the wellbeing and holistic growth of your clients through programmes, products and services, you are a heart-centred business owner and entrepreneur.


Coaches, mentors, trainers and facilitators:

You may be a business coach, life coach, creative coach, health coach, holistic coach, career coach, transformational coach. You may be into offering human design, you could be a facilitator, a trainer, a mentor (and oftentimes a blend of them all!), if you and your business exists to help people develop their potential and their skillswhatever your blend of people magic, you are committed to people unlock their full potential, in their work, their life, their career. I salute you! You are my people, and I fully embrace the power of what you do to help others shine. 


Sustainable and ethical brands:

If you have a brand or a business that prioritises sustainable and ethical practices in the production, sourcing, and supply chain, which can include eco-friendly products, fair-trade organisations, ethical fashion brands, and environmentally conscious causes, then you are a heart-led business owner and entrepreneur, here to light up and make the world a better place.


For me this is where it gets really interesting: because taking a heart-centred approach to your work and your business can open up a whole new way of operating and connecting your mission to those you are here to connect with, that often defies the old paradigms of business and entrepreneurship. 

And while that might seem a little daunting to do things differently in a world that has been set up a certain way, it also means a whole new world of opportunity and creativity to do things differently.

To do business the heart-centred way.




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