Calling all coaches, heart-centred entrepreneurs & soulful side hustlers... 

Light up the power in your purpose-driven business & breakthrough to your next level without selling out, selling your soul or setting yourself on fire.  



You do this heart-centred work because it's like breathing for you.

You were born to do it.

But wouldn't it be great if you could spend your time & energy on actually creating transformation with the work, rather than hiding in the sidelines second-guessing your every move?


👉🏼 It’s all late nights, stolen hours and hustle. Your head exploding with the wondering, worry, overwhelm & procrastination. And let's not even go there with the never-ending-to-do-list.

👉🏼 You wake up thinking about how to bring clients to work with you. Doing a bit of this, trying a bit of that. It's more smash & grab than strategic & serene.

👉🏼 You’ve spent more money on online courses, blueprints & templates than you have on clothes. You know you have a great programme, yet no-one's turning up to your party.  

👉🏼 You’re exhausted with the churning thoughts, trying to prove to everyone else that this it’s all going to work out, whilst secretly wondering whether you've got what it takes.

👉🏼 You look out at everyone else smashing it, and you wonder where you’ve gone wrong... or even worse.. what wrong with you???!! 🤯


Your heart-centred work feeling like a game of smash & grab?



You have a vision for how you want life to be…

…Creating a living doing the work you love to do, helping the people you are here to help. Yet the gap between where you are right now and where you desire to be seems more like a chasm than a hurdle


You want to create work that has meaning and purpose...

….Yet right now you feel like you’ve been given been handed the wrong baton, and you feel you're in a race against time. 


You’re being called to step into a mission bigger than you… 

… To light up the world doing the work you’re born to do, but you keep setting yourself on fire trying to do all the things, and playing small is getting you on a speeding train to NOWHERESVILLE.

☝️ This wasn't in the plans when you were creating your vision board life.


Kate Taylor, The Expansion Academy, a heart-centred coaching and mentorship programme for purpose-led entrepreneurs.

You know you need to get yourself out there…

…You’ve been dabbling in this and that, trying all the things, gathering and harvesting all the courses and all the qualifications, but in never feels like you have enough confidence to put yourself out there

You have a dream to be something more, to do something more…

You have always felt like a bit of a misfit, and being in spaces where your creativity is stifled is slowly draining your soul. 

You're on the steps towards creating a life and work that works for you, but you have that double drama of not knowing how to make it happen, and it feels like time is running out.

The constant questioning about whether you’ve got what it takes, whether you can make it work, or if it is even possible to create a living out of what you do means you’re hitting the brakes before you’ve even got going.


Putting a pin in your dreams sucks

And it’s fricking exhausting...


And yet, here you are…

Ready for more

Ready to play bigger

Ready to be bolder in your business

Ready to make a difference 

Ready to be visible 

Ready to EXPAND



A question for you…

What if you could do the work you were born to do, and create the kind of life & juiciness in your income without having to compromise?


Or let me rephrase that…


What if it were entirely possible to run a heart-centred business that lights you and your bank balance up instead of barely scraping by, or being a slave to the 9-5 job that pays the bills, but drains your soul?


What if... instead of feeling run-ragged because you are giving every ounce of your energy keeping all the plates spinning, you were able to do the work you love without having to compromise on time doing the things you love with the people you love?


Oh, and what if your could create consistency from your calling, rather than living in the never-ending cycle of feast and famine, so you can live your vision board life?

Yeah, that? 

Keep reading... 


The difference between people who do and people who don’t is simple…


The people that do are proactive in their pursuit to make the world a better place to live in...

They see potential everywhere and create opportunity out of anything.

The people who don’t let life happen to them, they sit in the waiting room, blaming the world around them, and expecting things to be different. Frustration and resentment seeps into every part of their life.

You are someone who does and who will, and you want to know how I know, darling one? 

Because I’ve danced this path of change many, many times both personally & in my business. 

Life changing magic happens within the moment a decision to step up is made, and together we rise and EXPAND by leading with love, heart and courage.

It’s what the world needs now, more than ever.

And this is your call to step into your superpowers, and rise. 



Just Imagine...

Waking up on a Monday morning, and instead of the sinking dread of another day of working to make ends meet, you are buzzing with excitement about the day and the week ahead…

You open your calendar, and instead of back-to-back soul-draining meetings, your diary is singing with clients, creativity and collaborations that make your soul sing. 

Instead of dreading yet another run-in with the boss, you are the boss.

...And even then, you’re getting paid to do the work you love?

Imagine your life in EXPANSION…


Oh, hey there you, I’m so excited to meet you...


I’m Kate Taylor, a coach and mentor on a mission to help you light up the disco ball in your heart and your belly to live a life that makes a difference not just to your world but to the world. 

I’m a big dreamer. I dream BIG for your life and the life of your heart-centred work.

My clients call me the human dream catcher because when you create a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL vision for your life and your work, I help you create it in the NOW.

As the Wearer of the Golden Boot I also give you the (loving) kick up the bum you need when you are procrastinating & second-guessing yourself.

Create the life you dream of on your vision board 

I've been a heart-centred business entrepreneur for the past 10 years, and believe me when I tell you that I've done allthethings and thrown every trick at the wall hoping something would stick.

It didn't.



Kate Taylor, The Expansion Academy, a heart-centred coaching and mentorship programme for purpose-led entrepreneurs.

Until I stopped flinging myself around the hamster wheel and started to get super-intentional about creating from a place of vision, mission & creating true expansion.

Soulful intention met strategic implementation. 

Everything shifted. 

My dreamiest of dream clients felt the call of the disco ball (oh, hey there you 👋)

And with it came expansion in all areas...

⚡️ the elusive 6 figures in business (a few times over now) ⚡️

⚡️ packed out programmes ⚡️

⚡️ a global community ⚡️

⚡️ sell out retreats & events, and oh even a bloomin' festival ⚡️

⚡️ a team... a freaking team!!! âš¡ï¸

and most importantly...sustainable growth (because no-one needs another burn out episode!)

And I want you know it's available to you too.

...Because the truth is, that if I can do it, then you can do it. 

If you're reading this and you're thinking 'Wow, Kate! That sounds like a lot of hard work'. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you it's all about manifestation, grace & ease, or riding across the line on the back of a rainbow-mained unicorn.

Don't get me wrong--I love me the woo, but I live in real-world realness, and so does your work.

The commitment to expansion exists in clarity & taking action, whilst staying connected to the bigger vision & mission.


Through this 👇👇👇

This work is called Practical Magic

It’s where strategy aligns with the spiritual to create business alchemy.

This alchemy of measured action combined with an embodied connection to something greater than us, is where true magic happens. 


And here's how...


Are you ready to blaze your trail?

To expand yourself & your heart-centred business beyond the walls of limitations into limitless potential, leading from love to create a better world… your world?


The EXPANSION ACADEMY is a business expansion programme for purpose-driven love warriors.

This is a call out to all coaches, wellbeing warriors, heart-centred entrepreneurs, and soulful side hustlers, The Expansion Academy is your guide through growth, expansion & development for you and your heart-centred business.

This purpose-driven approach to entrepreneurship and leadership empowers you to build and grow a sustainable business that aligns with your values and vision, while also fostering personal growth and development.

You can expect:

⚡️ To explore the wilds of your own self discovery to connect to the hearts, minds & souls of those you are here to work to create connection that converts

⚡️ A solid framework of strategically-minded, purpose-led, mission-led coaching to build your confidence & your business from the ground up for sustainable & exponential growth.

⚡️ All the tools, templates & learning materials - that’s a given - the journey you are about to go on goes beyond marketing & business blueprints to take strategies into the stratosphere!

⚡️ The energetic containers to step up & out of the sidelines to connect your vision & mission with those who are here to follow the call of your disco ball.



Build your inner & outer worlds from the ground up to create a life & business created in expansion


Get with the Programme


Throughout The Expansion Academy you will lead with love to create empowered change in your life & your heart-centred business from the inside out.

This is where you step up to create a life where you craft each day with your calling and turn purpose into profit.

Explore more than just you as a heart-centred business owner… explore your life in EXPANSION.


Here’s how the programme takes shape over a power-packed six months of expansive growth…




  • Getting clear on your intentions for the Programme
  • Understanding your expansion business objectives
  • Clarity on your expansive business vision, mission and values
  • The who, the why & what of your expansive business - including your offerings, products & services
  • Expansion Mapping: Mapping out your programme/services and financial income goals




  • Crafting your programme, product or service offering
  • Getting clear on pricing, deliverables and content of your offer
  • Creating the outline of your offer
  • The mechanics (nuts and bolts) of your programme / offer.




  • The fundamentals of launching
  • Finding the launch strategy that will work for you and your programme/product/service
  • Moving beyond the fear of icky sales towards joyful selling with heart
  • Getting ready to launch your expansive programme, product or service




  • Energetic matchmaking between you and your dream clients through visibility, branding & messaging
  • Creating content that converts & connecting to your heartbeats through storytelling
  • Building a community of heartbeats
  • Creating online and in-person spaces to be with your heartbeats




  • Finding your voice, getting visible
  • Launching your expansive programme, product or service
  • Communicating the offer & the transformation so your heartbeats will buy
  • No more hiding… it’s time to get your offer out to the world!
  • Selling your offer with heart & joy… converting your programme/product 




  • Post launch momentum
  • Continuing to share your expansive offer without draining your energy or your audience
  • Keeping consistency to your energy, motivation & communication
  • On-boarding your heartbeats in your expansive programme
  • Stepping into your magic to deliver on the promises of your expansive programme, product or service


Of course, this is the curriculum for the time we're together, but the magic happens when we explore beyond the strategies and blueprints.

We will be additionally guided by what the group brings to the programme... you can't plan for that much magic, you simply witness, and get on board the magic carpet ride to see where it will take us!


Here’s how we play.



Fortnightly MISSION & VISIBILITY training sessions with mentors, experts in their fields of business, marketing, messaging, sales, strategy, mindset & more.

All based on a progressive curriculum that you will be able to rinse, repeat and evolve beyond the programme.



Fortnightly spotlight group coaching sessions aligned to programme and personal progression.

Plus bi-monthly strategy 1:1s with Kate. All of which blends learning with momentum with accountability to create ACTION & EXPANSION in all areas in your heart-centred business.



The programme is support with an Expansion Learning Library of powerful resources from a host of BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL Business Buddies. Providing you with tools, templates, cheatsheets & guidance to give you everything you need to deliver on your EXPANSIVE offerings.



Embody your energetic expansion. Creating limitless potentiality from the inside out through movement & a blended melting pot of goodness called Practical Magic, along with karmic energy alchemy sessions.




The Expansion Empowerment Codes™, a unique set of energetic activation subconscious reprogramming sessions designed to help you create EXPANSION from the ground up.



An inspiring collective of energetic running buddies to cheerlead, champion and celebrate each step of your journey.



Get on the waitlist for our next intake, June 2023




Don't take my word for it. . .



Create from your calling and turn purpose to profit, so that can live your vision board life.



"I am both no longer the same person, and more myself than I have been for a very long time.

It is from this place, with the support from the other amazing beings that joined the journey, that I have started my expansion journey."   

Bethan, Creator Story Talisman



"Kate shared her cosmic comet energy  and I believed I could create, cultivate and embody an expansively creative life. So I am. 

Kate's desire to see us all infinitely expand and self-generate a path which is true to our heart's desire is a powerful elixir. It became the wind beneath my wings." 

Hannah, Coach & Founder Innate Intelligence



"This is the life I am meant to be living.

I wake up filled with electricity and purpose and go to sleep with my head brimming with ideas. Opportunities are presenting themselves at every turn."

Donna, Joyologist, Coach & Founder, LifeShine


Are you ready to be the BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL difference you’ve been dreaming of?


Expansion in action

In the Expansion Academy you explore the secret sauce that makes YOU a super-powered human who is here to help others… 

Throughout our time together, you will turn every moment into opportunity through the

Four Pillars of Expansive Business Transformation



Create from the Ground Up. Build out from VISION & CLARITY for the life and business driven by VALUES, and into being

  • You build the foundations for a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life requires you to get connected, grounded and rooted from a place of trust, support and inner strength.
  • From this space you will experience the energetic connection to creating EXPANSIVE and ABUNDANT BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL goals.
  • You create and design a wholly-aligned, expansive vision for what you will be manifesting and creating in 2022 and beyond.
  • We do a deep-dive into your VALUES as your BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL North Star and guiding principles of your purpose and how they navigate you in your business.



Purpose-driven, Mission-Led from the ground up. Build a purpose-powered brand based on impact & living legacy to create a positive difference to the world

  • Embrace your WHY and tune into your mission by connecting to the energetic alignment of what you are here to do in your heart-centred work
  • Connect your story to their story to align a deep sense of your calling in the world, and heart-to-heart connection with your dream clients
  • Bring your work into being through deliverable programmes & services that deliver on the mission 
  • Power up your confidence, self esteem from the inside out to create an empowering mindset to bring your mission and vision to life.



Own your own stage. Getting your voice heard and sharing your work without feeling like you are selling your soul

  • Get your work in front of those you are here to serve. Connect from your heart to theirs. Put out the call
  • Step out of the shadows and take up space in your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life. It’s time to show your wild colours in the truest expression of authenticity for your life, and your work
  • Take yourself off mute and step up and step out with radical authenticity and creative self expression without fear of judgement
  • Get your message heard, and actioned by your audience and your community, and how to connect your message and your story in a way that has them hitting that button to work with you. 



Becoming your own leader, the one who leads with love from the inside out

  • Connect deeply to your endless well of creative power, resilience to unlock patterns of beliefs and behaviours that both serve and don’t serve; enabling you to make a conscious choice about which you choose. Make better decisions.
  • Make braver choices. Trust every move you make to be the one you need at each step of the journey.
  • Be guided by your internal GPS. With your EXPANSIVE self on board, you can never go wrong.
  • Learn the powers of self reflection, embodied connection and awareness as the key to your authentic power in each and every day, and in each and every environment and situation you create in 2023 & beyond.



The EXPANSION Learning Library


As well as the powerful personal and business transformation journey you get as part of The Expansion Academy Programme, you also get access to The EXPANSION LEARNING LIBRARY, with an incredible lineup of my favourite BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL business buddies opening up their toolkit of business tips, how-tos, marketing guides and practical soul-filled strategies to help you on every step of your EXPANSION journey.

Here’s just some of what you can expect in

The EXPANSION Learning Library...


  • Your EXPANSIVE Business Programme Map
  • Creating Signature Programmes
  • Creating Your Aligned Customer Journey
  • Selling with Heart


  • Building Heart Centred Communities
  • Mastering every step of your launch 
  • Creating Content that Converts
  • Being a Visual Storyteller


Expansion in action...



Calling all soulful rebels

I want YOU to know that you and I are no different, and that YOU are able to make a call on your life now that will help you shape what’s next.

I’ve created THE EXPANSION ACADEMY because I truly believe that there has never been a better time that NOW for YOU take the next BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL step into a life and business on your own terms. 

We go deep on a journey throughout our time together. 

I bring you all the tools, blended together with over 25 years experience in business, marketing and communications, for you to create and embody everything you need to create EXPANSION in your heart-centred work.


Now is the time darling one…

For you to play bigger

For you to share your voice, be heard, and create positive change

For your step up and into the fullness of who you are here to be

For you to create a life of freedom and potentiality

This is your life in EXPANSION

This is for YOU

I have my arms open wide and I am so ready to be your dance partner on this journey into expansion with you.

Let’s go disco


The EXPANSION ACADEMY is a business & personal transformation adventure that lasts a lifetime. 




⚡️  3 X FULL DAY in person masterminds (value £4,500)

⚡️  FORTNIGHTLY live group coaching spotlight sessions (value £12,000)

⚡️  FORTNIGHTLY MISSION & VISIBILITY EXPANSION live training sessions with some of the best marketing & business mentors in the industry (value £12,000)

⚡️  BI-MONTHLY 1:1 EXPANSION coaching & strategy sessions with Kate (value £2,400)

⚡️  Access to the Expansion Learning Library (value £6,000)

⚡️  Access to the Expansive Empowerment Sessions (value £500)

⚡️  Private Facebook Community (value - Priceless)



🎉  MONTHLY Soul Purpose Karmic Astrology live sessions with Matt Taylor (value £1,200) 









£5,555 + VAT

(SAVE £666)

















Get everything in the GOLD GLITTER Programme PLUS the opportunity to get me on the energetic board of your heart-centred work every step of the way...


⚡️ Voxer access (Kate in your pocket) for the duration of the Programme (value £12,500)

⚡️ Monthly 1:1 strategy sessions with Kate (value £6,000)

⚡️ Bi-monthly Soul Purpose 1:1 sessions with Karmic Astrologer Matt Taylor (value £600)







£11,000 + VAT

(SAVE £1,466)










Expansion in action...



Something is stirring


You’ve read this far, and something inside of you is stirring; a mix of excitement tinged with fear.

You may be thinking..

‘Who am I to do this?’

‘Maybe I’m selfish wanting more’

What will people think of me?’

'Can I really make this work?


What I want to know is...

If not you, who?

If not now, when?

Life is fricking precious darling one, and so is everything you have to offer. Believe when I say that I’ve experienced first-hand what happens when life is cut short with so many dreams left un-lived. And in fact, there’s never been a better time than now to do something about it.


I’m not messing around here when it comes to helping you create the kind of impact I know you can with the mission you're here to carry out in your heart-centred work.

I know it deeply because it’s my personal mission and calling. It’s what I'm here on this planet to offer. I couldn’t be happier to be the custodian of this work, and to be creating magic with YOU.



Step out of the waiting room & into your significance... so you can help others to do the same

This is about something more... something that’s bigger than you… bigger than all of us.

This is about getting to the very root of who you are, and what you are here to do in this world. 

It’s about creating the impact that sets your soul on fire.

It is about alignment that connects you to it all.

 It is living on purpose, expanding beyond your limitations, following your calling & creating your legacy.  

Do you feel that?




"It has taken me far beyond my self imposed limitations into a totally different landscape where my soul can sing."   

Cecily, Healer & Coach



"It inspired me to create my own programme for creatives as I saw the power in the potency of expansion."

Harriet, Pop Star & Creative Mentor



"I got to focus on what I want to give my time and energy to. TEA was everything I wanted. And everything I didn't know I needed."

Tammy, Nutritional Therapist


Got questions? We got answers...


The power of Expansion...



Are you ready to become the catalyst for your heart-centred business EXPANSION?

Let’s do the thing



OR get on the waitlist for our next intake, June 2023