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Coaching saved my life ... or at least it helped me find it

Forgive me for the slightly dramatic blog post title!

But it is true—coaching really did save my life. Or at least, it helped me find it when I was completely lost and disconnected from who I was, or what the hell I was doing with my life.

Working with a coach the first time around, some 12 years ago now, was one of the most cathartic experiences I ever had, and it was so profound that I knew it's the thing that I needed to do as a career, myself, for the rest of my life.

In fact, yesterday afternoon I was writing the author acknowledgements for BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, the book (humble brag), and I gave thanks to my first ever coach, Matt. Because Matt helped me get back to life. He helped me get out of the quagmire of overwhelm and confusion that blighted my every day, and he helped me connect to that stirring I had inside of me that kept tap tap tapping away at me. He helped me connect back to the truth inside and helped me unlock my purpose.

Being coached was a life-changing turning point, that I will never forget. I've gone on to be coached many, many times since, and have coached others every day since I trained as a coach. I love the transformation, I love the aha moments, the sharing, the vulnerability, the excitement when dreams start becoming a reality, the growth, the magic... all of it!

Not all coaching is the same. I've had some brilliant experiences, and I've had some not-so-brilliant ones. What I've learned is that those who provide the space for deeper reflection, and help you to go on a treasure hunt to get to the answers deep inside, have had the most profound and long-lasting effects.

It's this deep enquiry and access to the intuitive self that created the framework for Practical Magic, as a space where soul and strategy meet to create alchemy. It that helps guide each session, but deeper than that, is a powerful container for intuitively-guided transformation. And it looks like this:

⚡️ CALM - to slow down and be able to connect into intuition
⚡️ CREATE - to open the door to new ways of doing things, and connect to deeper levels of subconscious activation
⚡️ EMPOWER - to power up confidence and take those ideas and creative strategies by busting beyond self doubt and limiting beliefs
⚡️ VITALITY - to dial up the energy, momentum, and vibrancy to then take them out into the world.

This framework is one I use in all of my own coaching practice to help my clients access the super highway of connection to intuition, which creates some of the most impactful growth and momentum for BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL life and work that I have witnessed in my own clients and those of other Practical Magic coaches.

It's the guiding principle and coaching framework that underpins the Practical Magic Coach & Facilitation training for those who wish to bring an element of coaching into the work they already do, or those who have a coaching element to your work, and would like to explore deeper connection to powerful transformation for your work and clients.

Find out more about the Practical Magic Coaching Certification Training here > 

The next round of training commences on Tuesday 11 April 2023.






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