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Unlocking the Power of Intention: How Focusing on What You Want Can Help You Get It

Have you ever noticed that when you want to get something you start seeing something related to that thing everywhere? Or, if you wake up and stub your toe, you seem to have a day where everything seems to go wrong? It's not just coincidence—it's the power of intention at work. Good and bad. But how can you make sure you use the power of intention and attention to help live a BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL life?

By directing your focus towards your desires, you activate the reticular activation system (RAS) in your brain, which in turn, channels your attention proactively towards opportunities and resources that align with your goals.

Understanding the Reticular Activation System

The reticular activation system acts as a filter for the vast amount of information our brains receive every second. It's like a personal assistant, sifting through the noise to highlight what's important to you. When you set a clear intention or goal, your RAS becomes attuned to relevant stimuli in your environment, making it easier for you to notice and seize opportunities that move you closer to your desired outcome.

Harnessing the Power of Neuroplasticity

But the magic doesn't stop there. Your brain's neuroplasticity—the ability to rewire and adapt—plays a crucial role in turning intention into reality. By consistently focusing on your goals and taking micro actions, you strengthen the neural pathways associated with them, making it easier for your brain to find creative solutions and overcome obstacles along the way.

Numerous studies in neuroscience and psychology have explored the concept of intention and its impact on human behaviour. Research conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, a leading neuroscientist, demonstrates the power of focused attention and intention in rewiring the brain. In his book, The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force, Dr. Schwartz discusses how individuals can harness the principles of neuroplasticity to change their thoughts, behaviours, and ultimately, their lives.

This places the importance on getting super-clear on creating your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL vision and stepping into creating a sensory, embodied experience so that your brain can literally build the connections and pathways to make that vision a reality.

You can read so much more about this in book, BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL: The soul-seeker's guide to creating an empowered, purpose-driven life and so much of what we focus on activating in the Kickstart Your BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL Life programme.

But first, why not start activating your intention and attention with this three powerful reflection questions:

  1. What are my deepest desires and intentions? Take a moment to clarify what you truly want to manifest in your life. By getting clear on your BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL goals, you activate your brain's RAS to start working in your favour.

  2. How can I cultivate a mindset of abundance and possibility? Shift your focus from scarcity to abundance by embracing the belief that opportunities are plentiful and success is within reach. By adopting a positive mindset, you open yourself up to new possibilities and experiences.

  3. What daily practices can I implement to reinforce my intentions? Whether it's visualisation, affirmations, or goal-setting, incorporating daily practices that align with your intentions strengthens the neural pathways in your brain, making it easier to stay focused and motivated.

The power of intention is real, and by harnessing it, you can create the life you desire. By directing your focus towards your BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL soul goals, activating your brain's RAS, and leveraging the neuroplasticity of your mind, you pave the way for success and abundance.

So, set your intentions, focus on what you want, and take notice as the universe (and your own brain) conspires to make it happen.

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